Husbands and doctors….not a good mix.


Bugger! My sneaky plans were foiled this morning!

See, after my doctors appointment yesterday I knew I had to go to pathology and have some blood tests done, so my plan was to announce to hubby that finally there were NO MORE EXCUSES, and that seeing as he was taking me for the blood tests that it was a perfect opportunity for HIM to have his much needed, long awaited blood tests also!

I have been trying to get him to have a full health check done for some time now. He’s gained weight, he’s turning 50, and it’s about time he had his cholesterol and sugars and all the rest of it checked. (Yeah, he’s never had any done!)
Just trying to get him to GO to the doctor was an ordeal in itself and took a LOT of pleading, begging, nagging and blackmail!

The thing is though he is SUCH a bloody wuss! The thought of a needle sets his bottom lip a wobbling. (Oh poor baby. Never mind that I excruciatingly painfully pushed four children from my loins and you witnessed the agony of that….yet hey, I survived!)

So, he conveniently “lost” his last blood test referral thingy. That was about three months ago.
Never mind….the next time I went in I asked the doctor if he could give ME a copy, so *I* could keep them in a very safe place!
The doctor was more than happy. Thought it was amusing that I have one of “those” husbands.
My other half was rather miffed though.
“That’s not right!” he said.
“That’s betrayal of patient privacy!”
Nice try darling, but I don’t think it would stand up in a court of law somehow.

So for almost a month now I’ve been trying to pin down a day when hubby is working at home so we can go in early for him to have these blood tests, which are fasting ones, for blood sugar levels etc…

I thought I’d be sneaky and say nothing, but announce this morning, at the last minute, with NO wiggle room, that he TOO was going for a blood test – TODAY!

“I’ve already had a cup of coffee!” he says. (Panicking)
“So what….you don’t have sugar so it shouldn’t matter. You’re having it done!”

So we get there bright and early….I hand the two forms to the pathologist lady and suddenly hubby pipes up. (Gleefully I might add.)

“I’ve had coffee this morning!”. (Ohhhh man!)

“Did you have milk…..?Oh well, you can’t have it done today. It’s a total fasting test. Can’t have anything but water. …” says the woman.

Cripes, I could have slapped that grin off his face!

“Do you know how long I’ve been trying to just GET HIM HERE?” I said to the woman.
“Does it REALLY matter if he had a bit of milk?”
(Pleeeeeaaaase…just strap him to the chair and take the damned blood!)

“I had THREE cups of coffee.” hubby says happily.
Sheesh! (I’m positive he was lying.)

“With LOADS of milk!” (Big ear splitting grin. This is now a very fun game for him.)

While I was getting blood taken the pathologist said….”He could always have one half of the test done…it doesn’t matter if it’s fasting or not, and then he can come back next week for the other.”

Well, yeah now if pigs could sprout wings and fly to the moon, maybe, just MAYBE I could convince Mr Wussy pants to have not one but TWO needles in his poor dear delicate little arm….

I did try….but the explosive indignant sounds he was making caused the whole waiting room of people to look over and experience the delight of my plight…..being married to the biggest CHICKEN that has ever scratched the planet.

“That’s what you get for trying to be sneaky.” scolded hubby, delighted with himself, as we walked back to the car.

Next week. Come hell or high water he is getting the damn tests done!

As far as my appointment went yesterday?
I’m just so sick of the runaround doctors have been giving me so this time I decided on a different plan of action.
I hate how doctors never give you their full attention these days during a consultation. Do you know what I mean?
With the arrival of computers they now spend half the time (and time is always so damned precious because they are always running late) peering at the computer screen, typing one fingered as they write their doctors notes, or refresh their memory on your past history WHILE you are speaking to them.
I feel as though they never actually HEAR you. (another case of screens getting in the way of things!)

So this time when he asked me “So what brings you here today?” I simply handed him a folded piece of paper with a list (a long list!) of all the things that have been plaguing me for the past five years.
He actually seemed delighted with my list, which was good because I was afraid he’d just assume I was a nutcase hypochondriac.
(It’s been a while since I’ve seen him, and I know he forgets…..Probably didn’t even recognise me from the last time I went in.)

Anyway, so reading through my list there were a lot of aha’s and yes’s and murmurings of agreement that this indeed fitted the criteria for perimenopause.
Halleluiah….he actually even said the word. PERIMENOPAUSE!

He also said to me in regards to the HRT…”You will either come back in a few months time and KISS me, or HIT me.”
I’m fully aware that I’m taking a gamble….this will either prove to be the cure for this insanity of what I’ve been going through, or it won’t.

So….I have no idea WHO will be blogging here for the next couple of months.
I’m sure there will be ups and downs as my hormones adjust. I’ve done the reading….until you fine tune HRT there can be quite a rollercoaster of states of mind, and physical adjustment to get used to.
Couldn’t be any worse though that the mood swings I’ve already been going through….surely.

Now…if we can just get hubby sorted…….

(I hope they use the biggest needle they can find on him!)

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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11 Responses to Husbands and doctors….not a good mix.

  1. Dan says:

    Now my wife wouldn’t be bothered if i had the blood test done or not.
    She’d simply just make sure that my life insurance policy payout was doubled.
    Perhaps loining 4 children is the difference that has to do with your concerns.

    Speaking of which, have you tried getting the kids involved in having him do the blood tests?

    😆 Yep, doctors not listening. I HEAR you.

    “(It’s been a while since I’ve seen him, and I know he forgets…..Probably didn’t even recognize me from the last time I went in.)” 😕
    And you’re seeing this particular doctor because ….. ??? 😯

    Perhaps in your future Blogs it might be cute to sign-off with a pseudo pen name depending on the mood you’re in. You know, like Desertruse or Desertrow or Desertfox. 😉

    “(I hope they use the biggest needle they can find on him!)”
    Ouch!!! I’m thinking you’re thinking like hypodermic?
    I’m also thinking you loved Kathy Bates in Misery. 😯 😛

    • desertrose7 says:

      Just remember Dan we have relocated…..that entails re establishing ourselves finding new doctors etc.
      I’m seeing this doctor because some of my friends in this area highly recommend him.
      However, as with all doctors, I have reservations and I never just blindly trust everything they say.

  2. Well at least you have your answer 🙂 – and if Perimenopausal Godzilla greets us we will know what to expect… Looking forward to the roller coaster of emotions (in a nice way) not for you personally but if your writing changes along the way. Men are baby bears unfortunately, this will never change – such excuses!!! Pfft suck it up princess your wife has given birth 4 times ..what more needs to be said! 🙂

  3. Ralph says:

    Show your husband this Tracy 😀

    • desertrose7 says:

      Very funny! 🙂 These old shows are classic.
      If I can pin hubby down (pun intended) I’ll make him watch.

      • Ralph says:

        My Spanish nurse Isabel is taking blood from me on the 27th and I am a real coward as far as needles are concerned (include knitting needles as well 😉 ) but I just look at the poster on the wall which tells you of the 500 ways of dying by smoking and I whistle which makes the nurse smile as she fills her syringe. When finished I go out and have a cigarette to calm me down.
        If I can do it, your husband can Tracy 😀

  4. Tracy, I hope that HRT will be the answer for you. I took the med/s for about 15 years. No joke. Stopped when all the negative stuff was published. The meds were good for me and I felt pretty darn good when taking HRT.

    Hope that you can get your husband to the doctor. He really needs a complete physical and the lab tests.

    • desertrose7 says:

      Yeah, I was scared off by the 2003 million women study. They reviewed it in 2011 (I think it was)
      Turns out the average age of women in the study was approximately 63. Women as old as 70 who developed breast cancer were included in those results.
      Slightly skewed results I think – and they are now saying.
      I look at it this way….there are risks with everything.
      I’m giving it a go anyway.
      And yes, I agree….hubby definitely needs the tests!

  5. rocketgirl73 says:

    I’ve enjoyed reading your blog, especially because I’m about to turn 40 tomorrow and have the same symptoms, as well as many different, on and off for the past six or so years. The doctors can’t tell me squat! So frustrating. Hang in there!

    • desertrose7 says:

      Happy birthday for tomorrow! 🙂
      So sorry to hear of your frustrations also. Don’t lose hope, and don’t let them make you feel like a hysterical “woman”! Changes to hormones can start happening in our thirties.
      Unfortunately doctors are quick to dismiss this because the text books say it’s not the “norm”.
      Thyroid issues are very much interlinked with hormone decline….make sure they test your thyroid again and again as those levels can fluctuate from day to day also.
      Good luck, and you hang in there too!

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