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The longest Uber drive EVER!

At the moment though we are travelling overseas….well, trying to get home! My husband frequently flies to the Philippines for work and sometimes I accompany him. Here’s a little story that might just give you a chuckle. We just missed … Continue reading

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My phobia.

I confess, I have a phobia. Me? The oh so fearless one you say? Did you know that my name “Tracy” means – bold and courageous. Boy, did my parents get that wrong. Yes, I have an irrational overwhelming fear … Continue reading

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There is something not quite right with the cat.

Something really STRANGE is going on with our cat. I witnessed the most bizarre cat behaviour last night that I have ever seen and it gave me the willies. A bit of background here. Our cat, who’s name is really … Continue reading

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Preparing for take off.

Two more sleeps till we leave for the Philippines! Sooo exciting! I love airports, don’t you? There is always this energy there…of adventure, the unknown. Suitcases being pulled around behind people of all cultures, going to far away lands, back … Continue reading

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In my skin – overcoming anxiety.

A few days ago I wrote a blog titled Fear. Today I’m writing about the fear OF fear, and of conquering fear. I have come a long way, just inside my own skin, and I am proud of where I … Continue reading

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