In the rain…

It’s not often you will see photo’s of me because I hate having my picture taken but the other day when it was raining (oh at last!) I wanted to express my gratitude for it… a slightly theatrical way:)

Thanks to Shai for her patience and being willing to come walk with me in the rain.
I have long since stopped worrying about what the people in our neighbourhood think of our strange antics.

I love the rain.
I love living near the water.

Sitting in pool in rain small

Tracy in waves small

Tracy standing looking out small

Tracy cave small

Edge of rocks small

head back  small

Tracy looking up small

Tracy in lake sitting down small

Smiling in water small

20 comments on “In the rain…

    • Thanks Jen. Shai liked that one of me under the rocks too. “Very dramatic” she said…so I’ve changed my profile pic. The dramatic me, lol! It was fun….the water was SO warm. Sometimes it’s nice to play like a kid again.:)

      • I think that’s so special, rain. Warm water me the ocean..I can imagine how you were taken in with the ambience. Ah so I see, looks good and playing like a kid again.. Yes and I should more often.:-)

  1. beautiful pics tracy. and i love the rain too, maybe i should pretend all of this snow is rain and try to run through it. who cares what the neighbors think anyway ? b

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