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Latest song – “My China heart”

My china heart Locked in concrete I don’t feel a thing You can talk But you can’t break me It won’t even sting I’ve been numbed by this frequent bruising but I refuse to bleed So in this tomb I … Continue reading

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Off to have a whale of a time!

Today is the day before I embark on my sea faring adventure on my first ever cruise! A nerve in my right knee is HIGHLY excited. In fact since last night it has been doing a frenzied happy dance under … Continue reading

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Two songs…a world apart.

Recently I went through this brief manic stage. A couple of songs sprang forth from my temperamental muse. One was very loosely based on all the recent ghostly experiences that were occurring on a regular basis, but with a twist … Continue reading

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There is this really negative alter ego residing in my brain that has always been with me but in recent years she has been unusually persistent. We all have one like it, I’m sure. Some are just louder, more demanding … Continue reading

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The piano

When I was ten years old my father bought me a piano. At the time I was a very angry little girl. My parents had split up and I was devastated. It was all about me, you see. Through the … Continue reading

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It’s in a song…

Some days you just feel like this… The hunger inside me It paces in corners Confined by the walls that are there It’s wanting and reckless Frustrated and restless And I can’t find quiet in my head It dances in … Continue reading

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Colouring outside the lines.

For the first ten years of my life I grew up in Zimbabwe, in Africa. In primary school, I used to gather the kids around in the school yard at lunch time to sit on a giant tractor tire. I’d … Continue reading

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