My name is Tracy. I’m a mother to three daughters and one son, living in Australia.
Wife,daughter,sister,fellow citizen on this planet journeying through life making quiet and sometimes not so quiet observations through various forms of creative expression.
My aim is to lead a more joyous and juicy succulent life and to laugh,a lot,out loud at the weirdness that is everywhere, especially inside my head so they tell me.
My goal here is to share some of what I feel, think and experience and perhaps take others on a little trip down Alice’s hole into the world inside my very busy mind.

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  1. The Landy says:

    might see you out and about one day!

  2. Ganesh says:

    Nice blog! Thanks for following my blog. 🙂

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  4. SoundEagle says:

    Botanically, the proper name of Desert Rose is called Adenium obesum, an evergreen or drought-deciduous succulent shrub, which is, according to Wikipedia:

    a species of flowering plant in the dogbane family, Apocynaceae, that is native to the Sahel regions, south of the Sahara (from Mauritania and Senegal to Sudan), and tropical and subtropical eastern and southern Africa and Arabia.

    Other common names include Sabi star, kudu, mock azalea, and impala lily.

    Like you, SoundEagle is also from Australia, and is a friend of Jasmine Kyle. Please find out more about me at http://soundeagle.wordpress.com, my new, content-rich, multidisciplinary blog that is more or less just five months old, plus many months of almost total neglect before that.

    As for your dabbling in belly dancing, did you watch the TV program “So You Think You Can Dance” in which one of the top competitors is a gorgeous, top-notched belly dancer? Unfortunately, she has just been eliminated from the show, as far as I can remember.

    I love the fact that you and your husband have been disciplining your children with what Mother Nature can (gently) throw at them right under her bosom . . . . .

    Happy new year to you and your family!

    • desertrose7 says:

      Thanks for that SoundEagle. 🙂
      My love for being in the outback was the inspiration for that name “Desertrose”, which I use in all my music circles, forums etc… I thought it sounded exotic and pretty, but then I googled a picture of it and thought the flower looked rather ordinary really. A bit disappointing.
      One time we were out on a long trip in the desert and after days upon days of seeing nothing but dirt and scrub we stopped and there by the side of the road was a messy tangle of Desert roses! In the midst of all that dry dead nothingness the flowers looked amazing! A splash of colour amongst all that dust and dirt. I like to think that that’s what I CAN be….sometimes. When I dig deep. It’s my aim anyway. 🙂

      No, I don’t watch So you think you can dance. My mum does and loves it.
      We plan to take our kids to a BIG city next. Totally opposite to where we usually take them. In a few weeks we’re going to Manila. It will be a jaw dropping cultural experience too.
      Happy new year to you too and I’ll be sure to check out your blog. Thanks again!

    • desertrose7 says:

      SoundEagle…I seem to be having trouble navigating your site. Each time I click on the “about” section when I do to scroll and start reading it jumps to another section. Either my computer has got gremlins or else something is amiss, somewhere. ?

      • SoundEagle says:

        Hi Desert Rose,

        How strange indeed! None of my 400+ followers has ever reported this. Perhaps you could allow the webpage to finish drawing its contents on your screen before you scroll it. If the problem persists, then perhaps you are right about your “computer has got gremlins or else something is amiss, somewhere”.

        Thank you for visiting my website, though I have no idea about which posts and/or pages you have seen or liked, unless or until you like my posts (with the “Like” button) and/or leave comments there, since I really love to know your thoughts and feelings about what you have encountered and read on my website.

      • desertrose7 says:

        Ok, it seems that my browser doesn’t like your blog for some reason? I use Opera. When I changed to Internet Explorer the jumping business stopped.

      • SoundEagle says:

        Please kindly use Firefox or Chrome, since both are better than Internet Explorer, which refuses to implement text shadows as well as having other issues.

      • SoundEagle says:

        Also, there are a lot of hot links embedded in the contents of my blog. Thus, be careful with where you click. Something is a hot link when the mouse cursor turns into the shape of a pointing hand, and/or the words there become underlined when the mouse cursor hovers over them. Occasionally, a tool tip will also pop up to give you more information as your mouse hovers over certain word(s), object(s) or image(s).

        I hope that this helps.

  5. beeseeker says:

    Hi Desert Rose, many thanks for finding the time (with all else going on in the world-beyond-Blogdom) to take a look at my beeseeker blog: much appreciated.
    Not long until Monday, keep smiling!

  6. Michael_e says:

    March 3rd, 2013…..borrowed some of your words for my blog today….with proper credit.
    Thanking you in advanced for the permission to do so and hopefully for more in the future.
    ps…love the Aussie dialect in your writing..
    Love, hugs and prayers…ME and the Boss

  7. Glad you stopped by my blog because I was trying to locate yours without success. Wanted to let you know that I shared your story about the spinning cat in one of my posts ‘Spinning Cats and Other Paranormal Stories’. Now that we have reconnected, I will add a link to your blog into the post on Spinning Cats.

  8. utesmile says:

    Hi there, I found you through Ralph’s blog, as we seem to have already one thing in common… burning… in the kitchen and I have the same theme for my blog as you, lovely. I love your humour after browsing a bit here. Life is fun when you can laugh. I am soon 52 with 2 sons and love life and have learnt a lot since I have been divorced in the last 4 years. ( more than in the past 40 years or so. ) I love meeting new people in different countries.
    I am sure I will enjoy your blog!

    • desertrose7 says:

      Nice to meet you….Ahh, yes, now it makes sense..Ralph said something about “Ute” and I being able to write a book on burning or something, lol!
      You have good taste in choosing blog themes 🙂

  9. Your home life sounds full of good value. Camping in technology free landscapes is great. My sister is in the Candle business in the UK so that rings a bell with me.

    • desertrose7 says:

      Very cool that your sister is a chandler too. It’s competitive, but gives me an opportunity to be creative. And the rewards are that our house always smells good.
      With teenagers completing important years of high school right now it’s been hard to get away camping on any major trips but we’re planning one for next year. Can’t wait!

  10. I am missing your presence in Blogland 😦

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