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Worlds out of balance.

I’ve woken up early this morning. Before 5 am early – what an ungodly hour. My throat has that telltale scratchy feel. Damn, I’m getting sick. Just as well we are nearing the end of our trip here. Today we … Continue reading

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Would you like a spoon with that?

It’s been a day of breasts. Really titty? Finished up the last of my Christmas shopping. Hey….where’s the throngs of people spending madly and stupidly? Seriously, there’s a real lack of people about this year, it seems. Maybe they’re all … Continue reading

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Santa Claustrophobia.

I feel suddenly overwhelmed by all this Christmas nonsense. Yesterday my husband and I ventured out to the shops and what I saw was disgusting. Happy people, doing happy shopping, loading their trolleys up with peace joy and love… I … Continue reading

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It wasn’t me!

I had a most embarrassing experience yesterday, which has brought about a bit of a conundrum. A good friend of mine picked me up so we could go do some Op shopping. We frequently peruse the second hand stores together … Continue reading

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Absolutely hideous!

Let me start by first saying that I’m no fashion expert. I don’t follow trends, don’t read women’s magazines. I’m a bit eclectic in what I wear. Comfort comes first and I don’t like my arms so I try to … Continue reading

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My small conquests.

I don’t know when I lost my power to fulfill the fortnightly role of doing the family grocery shopping but somehow I did. It was an insidious thing which eventually led to my position as principal grocery shopper being completely … Continue reading

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