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My husband has fallen in love (and lost his mind!)

So we’re out and about today doing some shopping and I happened to see a pet shop. I love looking at animals, so of course I took a wander in, with hubby grumbling behind me. “Why are we going in … Continue reading

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Knowing “when it’s time.”

I am very emotional today. One of our dogs, who went blind just over a year ago, had a seizure the other night. It wasn’t very long, about 6-8 seconds but unmistakably a seizure. We’ve suspected all along that there … Continue reading

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There is something not quite right with the cat.

Something really STRANGE is going on with our cat. I witnessed the most bizarre cat behaviour last night that I have ever seen and it gave me the willies. A bit of background here. Our cat, who’s name is really … Continue reading

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The bath.

On a lighter note today. The Sharpei bath. Note – This breed of dog naturally dislikes water and will avoid it like the plague, much like the dog above, except we don’t have a bathtub (appropriate for destruction) in this … Continue reading

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The beast in the basket

We had to take our dog to the vet as she has been experiencing weakness in her back legs. This is the six year old Sharpei who suddenly went blind a few months ago. Poor thing, she’s been through a … Continue reading

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The God cat is hungry!

Seriously,are we ever gonna eat? Eating lizards makes cats puke, so I have come to understand. So does grass, but apparently this is not half as much fun. Either the God cat doesn’t understand that lizards will result in some … Continue reading

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Do you look like your dog?

I feel for the owners of the above dog. Should you wear it or iron it? Is there even a dog IN there? We have two Sharpei’s. If you are not familiar with the breed they are those really weird … Continue reading

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Bird porn.

We’re a family that loves pets. Dogs, cats, birds, fish, rats, mice,(GOATS -we didn’t love those.) you name it, we’ve had it. In the rescue department there have been turtles, a fox, wild birds, dumped dogs, cats, legless lizards and … Continue reading

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The God cat.

You don’t own a cat, a cat owns you. No matter how much you try and kid yourself, the cat owns the house, your favourite chair, the bed, the clean ironed shirt you just lay on the bed, all the … Continue reading

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