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The Sleep Walker.

It’s nearly time. The sun slipping below the horizon, the last of the golden hour quietly retreating from her performance as the curtain of night softly falls. Collectively they stand, milling around a desolate landscape, in silence. Only the quiet … Continue reading

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Some things are just weird.

I walked out of my bedroom today to go and shout upstairs to my husband who was working in his office up there, to please bring the vacuum cleaner downstairs next time he came down….and that is when I turned … Continue reading

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Our travels to England and Ireland (part 3 – Northern UK)

I haven’t bored you to death yet have I  ? I forgot in the last part to mention that before we went to London we went to Stonehenge.   That’s saying something isn’t it.    If it were me, I’d have given … Continue reading

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Listening to frogs.

Most evenings, after it gets dark, my daughter and I take the two dogs for a walk around the neighbourhood. I prefer to do it after dark because there are less dog walkers around, which is better for our recently … Continue reading

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Washing machine head.

      I’m blogging late today and that’s because I actually got up early enough this morning to be able to go out for the day with a friend. For the past couple of weeks I’ve been in this … Continue reading

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Be still -my leg.

Too tired to find a free picture. Imagine a leg -here.   I have this thing that happens when I’m trying to fall sleep. (I’m not talking about my husband.) It’s a deep internal twitch in one leg that occurs … Continue reading

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