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Getting reaquainted with….babies.

My daughter and grandson came to visit and stayed the night. That still feels so weird saying that -“grandson” but I’m slowly easing my way into the whole nannahood thing. Unlike parenthood, which simply smacks you in the face – … Continue reading

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Short and sweet – from the mouths of babes.

Short and sweet today. I have major computer problems on BOTH computers. It’s driving me insane and has me resorting to doing some sewing (fixing up all the hideous fashion tragedies of 2012, so I have something half decent to … Continue reading

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Very dangerous toilet seat.

Sometimes husbands are useless, let’s face it, they just are. There are some things they excel at – like …ok, hang on, give me a sec… Thinking…thinking… I’ll come back to that. But yeah, sometimes it’s just better when YOU … Continue reading

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Weapons of mass destruction.

Just how many pairs of shoes do you expect to purchase for your teenage son in one year? 27564 ! Ok, so I’m slightly exaggerating – but it’s close. Don’t have boys, whatever you do. They are FAR too expensive … Continue reading

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