The order and the chaos. (mostly chaos)


I cannot find a FREE image to describe this post so today I give you a nice fluffy bunny, which has nothing at ALL to do with my post, but hey, everyone needs a nice fluffy bunny sometimes. Wish I could work out how to attribute these images to the relevant people but I can’t. For the record I have been getting most of these images from here…

I have this insane urge to rearrange things, frequently. Like furniture, sometimes even rooms.
I think it’s a hormonal thing. Some women get all moody when they are suffering from PMS.
I move the house around….WHILE I’m all moody.

My husband has gotten somewhat used to it, but in our earlier years of marriage it used to drive him insane, especially when he’d come home in the dark and fall over couches and things that weren’t there when he left that morning.
As the years have gone by though, our furniture has become more ….bulky, heavy (a ploy by my husband I’m sure) so I can no longer move things (as easily) by myself.

The other day I decided to rearrange where everything in the kitchen goes. (Everyone in the family hates this the most)
See, we have too much STUFF, too many appliances and gadgets and drawers full of things we hardly use…..which I often end up throwing out, or selling, or giving away (another thing my husband hates me doing) but somehow it ends up back in my kitchen, reincarnated as some other useless kitchen appliance or gadget (usually that my husband collects)

Our pantry is overstuffed too, and that is also my husband’s fault, because he never pays attention to what we ALREADY have in the cupboard when HE does the shopping.
Currently we have enough cans of sweet corn to feed the whole neighbourhood. In fact there are times when we have enough canned and jarred goods to soothe even the most hysterical doomsday preppers mind.
Add to that all the tins of dog and cat food and….well, it’s just all too MUCH!

So….a while ago I decided to make use of this huge storage cupboard in the dining room, to store all the tinned and jarred goods.
This particular cupboard houses all my sewing stuff, but I thought it would be ok to have both in there……assorted fabrics, cottons, zips and buttons, alongside all the tins of baked beans and sweet corn. (It works….yes?)
At least it freed up some space in the actual kitchen pantry so you could more easily find USEFUL every day things in there….like the olive oil, and other things we use each TIME we cook!

I also started instructing people to put the large appliances, like the wok and the electric frying pan, and the bulky juicer in the sewing/tins and jar cupboard because they don’t easily FIT in the DRAWERS in the kitchen. (there are no actual cupboards in this kitchen, just many many slide out drawers. Call me old fashioned but I like kitchen CUPBOARDS.)
So this storage cupboard in the dining room really has become a disaster because anything that doesn’t have a place or can’t fit has ended up in there.

Yesterday I decided I was going to fix this problem.
See we have TWO linen cupboards. One by the front door, and one in the hall right next to the kitchen.
Why do we need TWO, I thought….
The one by the kitchen would make a PERFECT pantry!

So off I went…sorting out all the linen….putting stuff in bags to donate, throwing stuff away, working out exactly what we need and don’t need.
It was really quite easy to empty out that linen cupboard.
Then, I took all the board games that were at the bottom of the second linen cupboard and housed them at the top of the new “pantry”. (I don’t know why we keep all these board games because we NEVER play them!)
Then I took all the tinned and jarred goods from the dining room “disaster cupboard” and put them all in the old linen cupboard/new pantry.
I was very happy with the result.

There was just one HUGE fluffy blanket that I couldn’t find room for in the ONLY (now) linen cupboard… I searched for a new place for it to live….

“Where oh where can you live oh great big cream fluffy blanket?”
I found a place.
There was a big empty drawer (now, because I took all of the plastic containers out of it and moved them to another drawer that USED to house saucepans….which now live in the dining room cabinet which is in the kitchen.
Are you following me? No, I know you’re not, because this is confusing and why would you care anyway where I keep all my STUFF? I don’t even care anymore…in fact I’d just like to throw all this STUFF out on the front lawn!

This kitchen is HUGE….it has so much furniture in here that we can sit in armchairs IN the kitchen and stare at the oven for entertainment….(it’s a nice HUGE big oven too!)

So in the bottom drawer, in the kitchen island thing, now lives a huge cream fluffy blanket!

Then I went out…..(forgetting to give the family a guided tour of where everything lives….now.)

Can you imagine the confusion?

My eldest daughter was so annoyed with me , because the cat was whining to be fed and no matter where she looked she just could NOT find the tins of cat food. Couldn’t even find any tins of human tuna or salmon to shut the cat up with….Not even any DOG food….in desperation, and when this cat wants his dinner he lets the whole NEIGHBOURHOOD know.
She even posted on facebook, just how frazzled she was….
I suppose I can’t blame her for not thinking to look for a can of cat food in the ….linen cupboard.

Why am I doing all this rearranging?
I think it’s hormones….
I think starting on HRT is doing something to my mind.
Honestly I do.
I’ve been having the WORST nightmares lately. Really horrible ones that wake me up in a cold sweat!
The other night my daughter was trying to stab me to death in the kitchen with a butchers knife, and LAST night some crazy man wrapped me up in plastic, and a huge big …..fluffy blanket, and proceeded to suck the air out of the things covering me, which squeezed tighter and tighter around my face until I began to suffocate.
Oh and….he’d stuffed me in the bottom of a LINEN CUPBOARD!

But it might not be the HRT….it COULD just be because my whole system is whacky because…..hey ho….FINALLY the blood tests have revealed that I have very low iron AND I’m hypothyroid!
Well well… WONDER I’ve barely been able to drag myself up off the couch long enough to do crazy things like rearrange all the kitchen cupboards!
No wonder my brain has been in such a damn FOG for all this time!

Anyway…..onwards and upwards.

Hey….this morning I sent my husband for his blood tests and he finally ran out of excuses. Even his whimpered “But it’s raining…..” didn’t cut it with me.
Miracles happen sometimes.

PS….I think the reason why I go on these rearranging frenzies is to try and make order, out of the chaos IN MY MIND.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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6 Responses to The order and the chaos. (mostly chaos)

  1. Loved this post. Too funny. Sort of sounds like me..

  2. Ralph says:

    I read this last night before going to bed and I was too tired to comment on this post Tracy. I loved it. What a fun post !! Now do I comment here or have you moved comments to your sidebar?? 😉 Ralph xox 😀

  3. Dan says:

    Indeed, everyone needs a fluffy bunny.

    In fact, one just appeared to Trooper and i on our lawn when I was walking him last night.
    Not that it’s so unusual here. In the 9 years since moving to FL I’ve seen them in the neighborhood maybe 1/2 dozen times. Interesting that one should appear tonight.

    What, in suffering from PMS you move the house around every month?
    Probably another reason why you move house, literally, as well, right?
    You can only rearrange the furniture in the same house so many times. 😛
    Never a dull moment for anyone in the clan, hey?
    Too funny.

    You must often get asked as to what’s playing in the oven tonight, mum, right?

    But that’s not like you forgetting to give the rest of the family the kitchen treasure map.
    Maybe that PMS also stands for Post Moving Syndrome. 😉

    And how inconsiderate of your daughter not to think that the cat food was obviously IN THE LINEN CLOSET.
    Yeah, and the mouthwash is in the freezer.

    So this morning you “sent” your husband for his blood tests?
    Were those YOUR marching orders? 😛
    You know, I’m not so sure your husband was so adamant about not having those tests.

    Hey, smile, it could be worse. The chaos in your mind? Just think if those were windmills in there?

    But thank God for fluffy bunnies, hey? 😉

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