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Menindee Lake. Wow!

Menindee is a small township about 110km South East of Broken hill and it’s been a place I’ve wanted to visit for years because it is perfect for photography. Sometimes with bad weather the roads are closed getting in there … Continue reading

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Designer Vagina’s

Nope, no picture. Now that you’ve picked your jaws off the floor after reading a title like that…please let me warn you that this blog post is something I feel particularly passionate about.  Not, vagina’s per se, but the whole … Continue reading

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Beautiful Dancing Queen.

The other day someone posted this video on facebook of a woman dancing, to herself, for herself at a bus stop. As I watched it, I couldn’t help but smile for the woman. She looked like she was so happy … Continue reading

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The beauty of summer storms.

I hope this doesn’t seem insensitive to the situation with the terrible storms and situation in New Jersey and New York -of course, my heart goes out to all the people affected over there. Mother nature is both beautiful, and … Continue reading

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The spider vein.

So my sixteen year old and I are out late, taking the dogs for a walk and she starts rattling on , as usual, and I find myself at the mercy of one of her little points of teenage angst. … Continue reading

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