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Becoming the machine…

Image courtesy of Pixabay. Screens in the form of phones, ipads, tablets, laptops have become such an integral part of society and so very quickly. As a photographer and avid people watcher I have to say that people are becoming … Continue reading

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“Helloooooo in there?”

The curiosity of small children is delightful and slightly hysterical. My grandson seemed to notice for the first time that our dog has a…..bottom. He investigated, thoroughly this situation ALL day!

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When life steers you in a direction…

The other night my husband and I went for a late evening walk with the dog. It was just getting on dark and when we arrived the park looked pretty deserted save for a young couple we saw in the … Continue reading

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Eleven kids!

Recently, well last year sometime actually, I happened to make contact with an old friend from YEARS ago….when I was a different person. Young, and reckless, in a band….going off gigging to far away places, sleeping in the back of … Continue reading

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The antisocial network.

I resisted creating a facebook account for years, sick of hearing facebook this and facebook that…and having people ask me “How come you’re not on facebook?”. It was like some sort of cult….some mass following, and I usually resist these … Continue reading

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Hearts wide open.

Today marks a special day. My eldest daughter has reached a quarter of a century! Hell that makes me feel old. I love this pic of her… I still remember that first morning alone with her as a newborn. Quiet … Continue reading

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This chance life.

It is such an incredibly beautiful day today so I’m sitting here on the front verandah overlooking the lake as I type. The water is glistening, the palm leaves gently swaying in the summer breeze, the birds singing…. My God, … Continue reading

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Doing the double spider dance.

I’ve been told that I have very expressive eyes, in fact my daughter always teases me because when she’s talking to me and does the eyes wide open expression thing….. This is her doing it. She does it well. … … Continue reading

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I can’t paint!

Sometimes I have the urge to stand in front of a blank wall and start throwing paint at it. You know, just go crazy and smear, roll, and spatter paint on that blank wall till it’s a massive amazing masterpiece … Continue reading

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Short and sweet – from the mouths of babes.

Short and sweet today. I have major computer problems on BOTH computers. It’s driving me insane and has me resorting to doing some sewing (fixing up all the hideous fashion tragedies of 2012, so I have something half decent to … Continue reading

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