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Brushing off the cobwebs…

Hello…..hellooo…helloooo…hellooooooo! It’s echoing in here. I know, it’s because the few people I may have got even vaguely interested in what I had to say have now long gone, bitten the dust, in search of more exciting blog fodder. Life … Continue reading

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Knights in yellow armour.

(Photo from ABC news. Don’t know if I’m breaching any copywrite by putting it here 😦 ) I’ve literally spent the past week glued to the news watching all the reports on the fire situation here in NSW. Today was … Continue reading

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Bush fires in Australia. 2013

My daughter, grandson, her partner, his parents have lost their house to the bushfires in the Blue Mountains today. My other daughters best friend, her brother and their father have also lost their home. Not even a brick left they … Continue reading

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The big adventure ahead!

So, I am feeling sooooo excited, yet overwhelmed at the same time because we have for some time now had a trip planned – plane tickets all paid for, for the kids and my husband and I for a trip … Continue reading

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Our family outback adventures (Part 2)

The next part of our journey took us on the Gunbarrel Highway. Yes, they call this crude corrugated dirt track a “highway”. It took about three days for us to painfully slowly – cross the Gunbarrel and in all that … Continue reading

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A few grains of rice….

Thanks to this blog post, for the inspiration of this story. 🙂 http://meandtheboss2013.wordpress.com/2013/04/10/do-something/ Many years ago we were visiting Melbourne and one night took a stroll past the park in the city. I forget the name of it, but it’s … Continue reading

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Ants in my pants.

Our Easter weekend camping trip to Hill end, about a five hour drive from home, began in the usual way. We arrived just after lunchtime, the campsite was almost full, and were greeted by a friendly bunch, already set up … Continue reading

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Love, bubbles and granny knickers.

So my daughter had her baby. All went well. I tell you what though I was doing some mental pacing the whole day waiting to hear that he’d arrived. So now she has the “knowing”. Initiated into the clan of … Continue reading

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Family vacations from hell. (Our infamous outback disaster trip)

Today I’m reminded of the outback because a fellow Aussie blogger Baz, who obviously has a passion for traversing through the outback with his family, recently has been posting some glorious photographs of their travels. Have a look here – … Continue reading

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Did you check the doors?

Ok, so I’m going to have a little rant today and that’s because I’m still a little grumpy with dear husband because he did something the other day that was dishonest. See, I had this very open and sincere conversation … Continue reading

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