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This getting older business is just blah!

So finally hubby decided to go and get his eyes tested as he has had enough of not being able to see properly when he reads. Personally, I don’t think he sees well all round as I have witnessed him … Continue reading

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I’m just OVER it!

Since I turned forty I’ve literally felt like shit. Not understanding why, I’ve been from doctor to doctor with a wide array of seemingly disconnected, and sometimes bizarre symptoms which have at times made me simply miserable. The anxiety surrounding … Continue reading

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Letting the weird things out.

Why is it that sometimes a blank piece of paper (or screen as it may be) can sometimes seem so exciting and at other times so daunting? I think it’s because sometimes we hold back what we really want to … Continue reading

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Got out of the wrong side of bed in my sumo wrestler nappy.

I think I’ve started having hot flushes. Sometime during the night I woke up feeling like I was on fire, even though I had the fan above the bed on all night and hubby was next to me, shivering in … Continue reading

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The mosh pit of our car.

I hate driving long distances with my husband. This is because we have completely opposite tastes in music and whenever we get in the car together, immediately there is friction over exactly WHAT we will listen to. Because he drives … Continue reading

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Bucket lists for the gutless and chronically petrified.

The other day my father accidently knocked a bucket that was on the kitchen floor and turned to my step mum and said. “Love, I think I just kicked the bucket.” This is good because he scared us all by … Continue reading

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Cross eyed happily ever after.

I need glasses. I’ve known this for quite some time because when I lie in bed and read I ponder the possibility of holding the book between my toes – I’m that longsighted. Threading a needle? Pfffft! It’s just blind … Continue reading

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