Being thankful.

I feel like expressing my gratitude today, for many things.
Being alive…breathing, having two good (sometimes, lol) working legs, a sound mind (some would question that).
For being HERE and being able to wonder at and rejoice in so many things that bring me pleasure and joy.

I want to say how THANKFUL I am for having such a patient, thoughtful, generous husband.
First of all he buys me (us – my daughter and I) this super duper pretty expensive new camera and THEN he is patient enough to take me places so I can put it to good use.
He has no interest in photography per say, yet he researches everything and knows quite a bit about the camera itself.
He’s not like me that ooh’s and ahh’s over pretty scenes and beautiful things in nature, and yet he doesn’t gripe when I ask him to drive me around, sometimes for miles all in the quest for finding “something nice” to take pictures of.

We went off on a Sunday’s drive yesterday – didn’t get home until 8.30 pm! In fact at one point driving for miles on this dirt road we thought we may have been lost….and we were running out of fuel, AND had no mobile signal! Could have been QUITE the adventure, but eventually we found the tar again and made it to a petrol station in the nick of time!

I love doing this…just driving, exploring…looking at the sights.
We used to do it a lot when the kids were little. Pack a picnic and just go driving the WHOLE day.

I want to share some of the sights we enjoyed…well, some of them just *I* enjoyed while hubby stayed in the car leaving me to my own devices, which I might say took me clambering down hillsides, getting snagged up in blackberry bushes and being stuck with thistles! (Smart man…staying in the car!)

Do you realise how happy THIS makes me?

Autumns kiss  SMALL

It’s Autumns kiss.
YES! Finally….nature knows it and is ready for it, oh and so am I!
Summer, be gone!
A big rush of thankfulness inside me seeing these leaves turning colour.

On the sides of the road at the moment there are lots of these white lily looking flowers.
I have no idea what they are, but they’re graceful and pretty so of course I had to get a picture.

wild lily SMALL

I clambered through the undergrowth -in the back of my mind warning myself there COULD be snakes underfoot, but ignoring myself I plunged ahead anyway because OH…these ferns were just too lovely to let slip by.
Only thing is I was in such a rush to get the picture I didn’t check the settings so it’s a bit overexposed…but hey, nice aren’t they… A tunnel of ferns.

green ferns SMALL

I love seeing nature “go wild”. Go to town on things, especially man made stuff.
Like this.

overgrown SMALL

I told my husband we need a canoe.
How peaceful does it look? I can just imagining paddling up this river.
Not sure that he can though. Ha!

water SMALL

Of course we made an obligatory stop into an old historic cemetery.
This little bird seemed agitated by our presence and was quite camera shy but I managed to get a quick snap as he flitted from head stone to head stone.
I wonder if he is the guardian of this cemetery?

Bird headstone SMALL

We popped into a nice old pub for lunch. Huge plate of food and pretty reasonably priced.
I think this pub is supposed to be haunted.
I’d like to stay there overnight and see. 🙂

old pub SMALL

How’s this for quirky?
Looks like the locals thought….Ahh, whatever does the job!
Imagine collecting your mail in an old dryer? Or really old telephone box?

Mailboxes SMALL

Then later on I came upon THIS unique mailbox.
Ned Kelly’s famous last words before he was put to death were SUCH IS LIFE!
Oh dear….someone should learn how to spell!

Ned Kelly mailbox

Then we found this gorgeous little shack in the middle of nowhere.
It would be my DREAM to live in a little shack like this….away from the rest of the world. The peace and quiet.

Isolated shack SMALL

Shack side SMALL

I would SO love to sit on that porch at sunset.

The hours passed, the sun began to slip below the hill tops.
My favourite time of the day when all the long shadows appear and the light is so soft.
I loved this scene of the shadowed tree’s.

Shadowed tree'sSMALL

And this….though edited to give a more “magical” feel.
It says to me…
“Come follow the path and see where the mystery shall lead.”

Through the tree's SMALL

And last of all, thank YOU kind followers for taking a look at the stuff I scrawl, at the occasional music I subject you to , and to the many varied pictures I bombard your screens with.
I am thankful to have found this cosy little spot in blogger land.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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13 Responses to Being thankful.

  1. What beautiful shots, love the tunnel of ferns and the last one oh and the one before the last one and the bird on the headstone..ok I liked all of em. You are lucky to have a great camera to work with, must be such a buzz finding interesting spots to snap away. Glad you have got yourself comfy in blog land and it’s always a pleasure to read, listen and view your posts. 🙂

  2. utesmile says:

    How beautiful your country is, and so varied. I can imaige how thankful you are. The pictures are beautiful with the new camera, I am sure it is fun finding motives and click away. And we are thankful for your camera too as we see the fruits. Thanks you to your husband and thank you to you for posting this . Hope you enjoy many more drives out!

  3. iosatel says:

    Great set of beautiful images!

  4. releaf1954 says:

    I love your photos! I was going to say which one was my favorite, but I kept changing my mind. They are ALL lovely! Okay…ferns! No…long shadows of trees at golden hour. Wait…the little bird on the headstone! Nope. I can’t pick just one.

  5. Ralph says:

    Hi Tracy 😀 This is probably one of your best, shall I say “sanest 😉 ” posts that you have published. You have such a lovely husband to take you out so that you can have fun doing what you want to do. Love the Ned Kelly post box !! Ralph xox 😀

  6. ksbeth says:

    what a beautiful adventure, and it has been my pleasure to have you share you posts with us ) beth

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