The trauma of tea.


Yesterday my 18 year old (Shai) was driving me potty, about tea.
Of all things for a girl of her age to be in such angst about it is TEA.
Not just your regular twinings tea though, no. She likes expensive SPECIAL teas.. You know all those flowery herbal type teas that can be ludicrously pricey.

I don’t know what the appeal is….most of them (Like chinese tea) to me, taste like the bath water I remember pouring into my tea set cups as a child in the bath and drinking. And the ones with a BIT of flavour taste like the flower herbal concoctions I’d mix up after picking flowers and weeds in my mothers garden as a kid, and made my brother drink my “potions”. (You know – if he dropped dead then it wasn’t wise for ME to try it.)

I just like regular black tea, with milk and one sugar. I don’t like it too strong either.

I know green tea is supposed to have SO many health benefits and trust me I have tried many times to like it but quite frankly, it’s horrible.
I’ve tried putting honey in it….given up and just put sugar…… I’ve tried green tea LEAVES, hoping to not get that slightly bitter aftertaste….tried not adding the water TOO hot to try and get rid of that bitter taste…..even cheated and dangled both a green tea bag AND a black one in my cup (that I can tolerate)
Nope, my taste buds object and simply prefer ordinary run of the mill black tea. Twinings English breakfast tea in particular.

It’s like some foods that I TRY to like….to feel like I am part of the world of sophisticated taste buds. Like olives for example. So many people enjoy olives. My husband LOVES them and always throws them in a salad.
At least twice a year I will try to like an olive….but I just don’t.
My taste buds refuse to make friends with that particular flavour.

So on her last birthday one of her friends gave Shai some “tea pigs”, from England. Strange little shaped tea bags of various flavours. I don’t know what they were as I didn’t pay much attention but THIS I think was what started her preoccupation with tea.

So the whole afternoon yesterday that’s all I heard was Shai going on (and ON) about whether or not she should order this tea from England and pay out all that money on it….or not.
Every five minutes she was popping her head in the door….lamenting on the pro’s and con’s of spending what very little money she has left to get this tea.
I was busy on the computer so because I didn’t give her my FULL attention she got all shirty with me.

“Help me decide mother! This is an important choice I have to make!”


“Shai….you either buy the tea or you don’t. Simple!”


Later as we went on a walk with the dog…..just because at the last minute I picked up my camera to take with us I was accused again of not being fully THERE for her. Not being INTERESTED…..Not being HELPFUL….Abandoning my duties as a parent in this moment of great conundrum in my precious daughters life!

The cheeky sod even dared ask me…
“If I pay HALF for the tea will you pay the other half?”


That evening the agony over whether or not to spend her money continued.
She really is tight I mean…TIGHT with her own money (We all joke about her tight wadded -ness) ….Mine is fine to spend but hers is something so precious that it makes her hyperventilate at the thought of having to part with it.
About the only thing Shai will spend her money on is books, and pencils for her drawing..and even then it’s an epic thing with lots of agonising and emotional breakdowns.

She even, in desperation put her dilemma out there on facebook.

This is part of the FB conversation. As you can understand, not many of her friends responded. The idea of tea being quite foreign to most of them.

Shai- Should I spend $30 on tea from England? (It’s delicious)

Keira ( her sister) a purchase like that will be hard for you! but its delicious!

Shai – It most definitely will. Also, the other day I bought the 3rd Hunger Games book, I found the shiny one! ^.^ But it was $25 and so it ripped my soul in half.

Keira – oh awesome! what colour was the third one? they’re so super shiny!

Shai – Silver/blue. I don’t want to read them and destroy their spines. Hahaha.

Tracy (Me) Will the tea rip your soul in half? If so, mathematically speaking your soul will be ripped in quarters if you make THIS purchase. Is the tea worth it. THAT my dear, is the question.

Shai – I DON’T KNOW. Ugh. It’s too hard to make important decisions.

Tracy – Never made a decision when you are in emotional turmoil. Just a bit of wise life wisdom there.

Of course you can read between the lines there and see that I’m really just chortling away, laughing at the preposterousness of the situation, and her, this very ODD child of mine.
In fact on facebook the other day I saw this….

(adj.) Unfamiliar, rare, strange and yet marvelous.

And I thought to myself…THAT should have been Shai’s middle name.

So…what has happened about the $30 tea from England you may ask?
Well, she forgot to do the conversion to Aussie dollars so the tea would work out to be about $50.
Shock horror! (Even to me) There’s no WAY Miss tight as a fishes bum will pay THAT, so…tonight I noticed she went out with her dad to Coles and bought three boxes of fancy fruity and berry and chamomile with almond and honey tea (Lipton and Twinings) for $8

When I asked if I could try one her eyebrows disappeared over the crest of her skull and she pointed to the cheapest box.
“You may try ONE of those.”

(Can you imagine when one day she has to buy a car?)

One more thing…
Another VERY weird thing about Shai is that when she DOES make a purchase (when the moon is full, all the planets are aligned and the universe vibrates in all the right ways.) she then arranges all her items and stares at them. “to make sure she is happy with her decision” …or something like that.
This was in the corner of the kitchen bench.
A “tea collection”.

tea bags

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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13 Responses to The trauma of tea.

  1. Have you tried celestial seasons brand? Tension tamer is quite nice, I’m with you on the green tea… Most herbal ones make me cringe, good old black tea, not strong, lite milk for me, how our money is theirs… Classic teenager, get her try that brand she won’t have to pay $50!

    • desertrose7 says:

      No I/she hasn’t 🙂 I’ll mention it. (should I? Or will this further traumatise her?) hehe.
      Isn’t that ridiculous. For tea? Expensive tastes this girl.
      She’d better marry into money. 😉

  2. ksbeth says:

    so funny, and i cannot even imagine the anguish when she decides to buy a house one day )

  3. salvlucia says:

    my son is tight even with his Monopoly board game money and he keeps not buying almost anything while playing, not mentioning real money 😀 he is 9 years old

    • desertrose7 says:

      That’s not how I play. My strategy is to buy EVERYTHING and then build quickly and reap all the rents! I’m a real risk taker in monopoly but in life….hmm, well maybe your son will be safe in hanging onto it. 🙂 I hope he doesn’t develop a taste for expensive tea, lol!

      • salvlucia says:

        Indeed he keeps losing at the game, but it’s funny how we want to help him suggesting him to buy very good places and he replies “No, it’s too expensive! I’ll be out of money” lol

      • salvlucia says:

        By the way I’m a green tea lover…I take it every evening, absolutely no sugar, and I keep the bag in the mug all the time (very hot water) to have an even strong taste 😀 but I only like a specific brand, I tried some others green tea brands but I didn’t like at all…

  4. I like my tea so an earnest conversation like this sounds normal to me. Mind you, I like my tea quite normal with a splash of milk and no sugar. Again, like you I don’t like it too strong. Once, not too long ago sadly, I had climbed outside quite a lot of red wine, and someone offered me a green tea, In that heightened or maybe just altered state, it tasted very nice, but once I was sober it just tasted awful again. Keep my tea normal, and keep it coming. That’s my life tip,

    • desertrose7 says:

      I know you UK people are avid tea lovers. My best friend is from over there and my God can she drink tea!
      I’ve tried it without my one sugar, but again my taste buds object. Oh well….whatever works I say!
      Now…I think I’ll pop the kettle on.

  5. Ralph says:

    Hurray !! You are back to your old ways Tracy !! …. and it runs in the family 😉
    I also hate olives and I live in Spain with olive trees all around. Also herbal teas would go in the bin. Now, if you said coffee, that would be a different story 😀 Ralph xox 😀

    • desertrose7 says:

      You see now if I had a taste for coffee (love the smell, hate the taste) I’d be a buzzing maniac. Seriously sends me hyper!
      I love olive oil…just not the olives. We always cook with olive oil here. Good stuff!

      • Ralph says:

        Coffee has the opposite effect on me. I can sleep after a cup. It’s 02:30 here and I am just off to bed after drinking a mug full. Maybe I go hyper in my dreams 😉

        I love olive oil as well, but stuffed olives…..yuk !!

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