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Brushing off the cobwebs…

Hello…..hellooo…helloooo…hellooooooo! It’s echoing in here. I know, it’s because the few people I may have got even vaguely interested in what I had to say have now long gone, bitten the dust, in search of more exciting blog fodder. Life … Continue reading

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Of life, love and marriage…

Today, instead of talking about food (thank God they say!) I want to simply meander around through distant and sometimes murky puddles in my head. A little fill in…. My parents divorced when I was ten years old and my … Continue reading

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Husbands and doctors….not a good mix.

Bugger! My sneaky plans were foiled this morning! See, after my doctors appointment yesterday I knew I had to go to pathology and have some blood tests done, so my plan was to announce to hubby that finally there were … Continue reading

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All aboard! (Unusual weekends away.)

We had a most interesting weekend away, just hubby and I. Left the kids at home to fend for themselves as we set off on a spur of the moment trip to a most beautiful scenic part of the country … Continue reading

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Did you check the doors?

Ok, so I’m going to have a little rant today and that’s because I’m still a little grumpy with dear husband because he did something the other day that was dishonest. See, I had this very open and sincere conversation … Continue reading

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Status update.

So hell hath come to earth in Australia today. We are expecting temperatures of 43 degree’s. That’s 109.3 This is only the third time on record temperatures have reached these extremes here. They are saying that in some areas we … Continue reading

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Very dangerous toilet seat.

Sometimes husbands are useless, let’s face it, they just are. There are some things they excel at – like …ok, hang on, give me a sec… Thinking…thinking… I’ll come back to that. But yeah, sometimes it’s just better when YOU … Continue reading

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The mosh pit of our car.

I hate driving long distances with my husband. This is because we have completely opposite tastes in music and whenever we get in the car together, immediately there is friction over exactly WHAT we will listen to. Because he drives … Continue reading

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Which way should the camper trailer face?

One of THE most stressful aspects of camping is always the moment when we arrive at a campsite and have to decide which way the camper trailer should face. It’s very important to me that the trailer should be adequately … Continue reading

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Ma and Pa Kettle.

I warned my parents that I’d have to blog about this. They recounted this story to me recently, in stereo -as they do when they get excited and try to outdo each other in relating a particular event. It can … Continue reading

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