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The versatile blogger award.

I had no idea you could get awards for just blithering on about all the stuff that goes on inside your head, but twice now in my very short time in the blogging world I have been graciously “awarded”. Just … Continue reading

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The other day my sixteen year old came home from school, glowing, and said to me … “Mum, I just had the loveliest conversation with a ninety one year old blind man at the bus station.” She went on to … Continue reading

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The quiet carriage.

We’re all on the same journey through life, every single one of us who exist at this very second on this planet, whether we are just taking our first breaths or choking on our last. At this given moment, right … Continue reading

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Post traumatic lawnmower man disorder.

It is with certain dread that I peek through the blinds to see the truck towing a horse float pull up in front of our yard. This means it’s lawn mowing day. Most lawnmower men just have a ute with … Continue reading

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Not of this world.

I’m 44 years old and I don’t own a cell phone. (Or mobile phone as we call them here in Australia.) It’s not that I’m not mobile. Well, I don’t drive a car either. No, I’m not Amish, or whatever … Continue reading

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