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The Sleep Walker.

It’s nearly time. The sun slipping below the horizon, the last of the golden hour quietly retreating from her performance as the curtain of night softly falls. Collectively they stand, milling around a desolate landscape, in silence. Only the quiet … Continue reading

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In Her Chair…

In her chair, listening to the priest quietly murmuring last rites as her final earthly breaths cut through the silence of the night. The only other sound, the clock on the wall marking time in the remaining minutes and seconds … Continue reading

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Stories with no endings…

Well no middles too. I always start so many and never ever finish them… I am hopeless. Here’s one I found from last year. She’d always liked visiting cemeteries. It was a morbid pass time, and not one to openly … Continue reading

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The perfect night.

If someone had asked her “Do you believe in magic?” she would not have hesitated to say “Yes, I do.”- but not necessarily THEIR magic. Not the magic of wands and fairies, elves and goblins. Not red silk scarves and … Continue reading

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Veto the LIKE button – for a day!

The other day my seventeen year old daughter said to me that a friend of hers who had posted a video on youtube said to her. ‘Why didn’t you LIKE my video?” My daughter replied… “I TOLD you I liked … Continue reading

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Blue snow.

Today I am not here. I am not here sitting on the rumpled unmade bed which I abandoned at 2 am, tormented by the ceaseless rasping sounds of my husbands snoring, whereby I left to occupy the sanctity of the … Continue reading

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The trouble with melons. (Tales from the dark side.)

She’d often wondered what it would feel like…the sensation, the sound, to stick a knife into somebody. Really stick it in good. Would it be like stabbing a watermelon? Or more like a pumpkin? No, the skin would be too … Continue reading

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The walk.

I don’t often do this…. attempt to write short stories. I know there are plenty more experienced writers out there doing just this, and probably far better than I. Thought I’d give it a go though. Why not? A familiar … Continue reading

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A mixed bag blogger.

“Sometimes I don’t know whether to laugh , cry, or howl at the moon.” – is something I impulsively wrote on my facebook page the other day. It pretty much sums up my (day…hour…) life – and my blog. Somehow … Continue reading

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The art of exaggerating.

My sixteen year old daughter keeps reading my blog and appears to be most upset by the experience. She has accused me of “lying” particularly when describing particular incidences or descriptive phrases pertaining to HER.(Everything I say about everyone else … Continue reading

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