There is something not quite right with the cat.


Something really STRANGE is going on with our cat.
I witnessed the most bizarre cat behaviour last night that I have ever seen and it gave me the willies.

A bit of background here.
Our cat, who’s name is really “Snickers” has always been the most laid back, calm, gentle cat I’ve ever come across.
Totally Mr Cool calm and collected.

He was bought by my eldest daughter when she moved out of home, but throughout the years of her gypsying around the country doing her free spirited thing, well, he ended up with us.
He’s totally comfortable around dogs, sometimes even choosing to sleep with them and many times I’ve seen him rub up against them like he thinks he’s one of the pack.
Just a really lovely cat. Sometimes a little nervous around strangers but as soon as he gets a head scratch he just loves you to bits.

So recently, only a few days before we left for our trip to the Philippines, our eldest daughter returned home to settle here a while, before she embarks on the next phase of her life journey, whatever that will be.
It was a timely arrival because we needed someone to take care of the animals and mind the house while we were away.

As soon as we left weird things started happening in this house. If you aren’t aware, we have been sensing that there is a spiritual presence here. You can read about some of it in this post –

I didn’t realise that this was my eldest daughters first encounter with things of the paranormal nature and to be honest, with the exception of a few things , well….it’s easy to dismiss stuff and convince yourself that perhaps these experiences are more a product of an over active imagination more than anything else.
I believe in the supernatural, BUT, I have a logical brain too that more often than not seeks rational explanations, first.
It feels better to understand things, rather than not, let’s put it this way.

Anyway, so we flew off on our trip and almost immediately my daughter started texting us and facebooking us saying she was hearing “chairs scraping” and “footsteps” and candle flames were flickering madly when there was not an open window in the house….and that she was very aware that she was “not alone”.
One night she even reported that the ghost was “touching her”.
Wow, I thought, because my daughter is a bit like my husband in that she is VERY logical, and quite the opposite to myself and my other daughter who frequently reside in the floaty ethereal, off with the fairies realms of our brains.
I just didn’t expect that SHE would sense or experience things to the level that she did.
As it turned out she was actually quite petrified by all these things going on, understandably, because to be honest, especially NOW, I’m not sure I’d like to stay in this house by myself.

One night we receieved a text message saying that she was totally freaked out by the cat.
It was something like, “The cat was just sitting on the end of my bed, his eyes big as saucers, tail swishing like crazy and he suddenly opened his mouth really wide, like lions styles, and then full on ATTACKED me!”
To be honest we laughed. Lion styles?
I just thought, maybe he’s just having one of those playful nights, as he does, when he’s “full of ippicornies” as my mother would say. I have no idea what this means, but it’s like “full of mischievous energy”.
I thought maybe the wide mouth thing was a yawn, and that the “attacking” was just rough play, at most.
I’m sorry to say that I completely misinterpreted her text and didn’t really think too much of it, knowing that she was feeling a bit on edge here and liable to be misinterpreting things because of her heightened nervousness.

I was wrong.

Last night my daughter sat on the floor and the cat came up to her for a head rub. He’s been extremely affectionate lately.
He was getting right into it….head moving against her hand, this way, and that….Pushing right into her in that “Oh this is so delicious, I’m in heaven….don’t stop, don’t stop….it feels soooooooo good!” mode, when all of a sudden, no warning he just lunged and attempted to BITE her on the arm!
What the?
I was shocked, because this was so unlike him, and not just a playful “Ok, lets get a bit rough and tumble here” thing….It was like an actual grab with claws out and BITE, to hurt!

My daughter jumped up on the chair and I got up from mine to walk around to observe the cat so I could see his face and eyes , trying to decipher his body language.
“See!” said my daughter.
“I told you…look at his eyes, they’re like saucers just like that night when he did the lion thing!”

Instead of walking away in a huff, as disgruntled cats do, he was now turned, had moved closer to the chair she was sitting on, legs tucked up under her, and I could see his eyes, and I tell you what, I have never in my life seen anything like it!
These were NOT the crouched down, getting ready to pounce mischievous saucer eyes that all us cat owners are quite familiar with….
These were PREDITORY eyes.
Alien eyes….completely transfixed FOCUSED eyes with an intent in them that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.

I was right there, standing next to the chair my daughter was seeking refuge on, but he completely ignored me and focused all of his energy entirely on HER.
You could “feel” it…his energy completely changed and he was well and truly “after” her.
My daughter grabbed a cushion to put between her body and him but in these mere seconds you could see his exact intention – he was set out to GET her!
Just like that, he sprang from the floor, leaped up onto her and once again attempted to BITE her on the arm!!!

I probably did the wrong thing in this situation because it could have escalated things, but without thinking I reached across and swatted him on the butt and yelled “SNICKERS! NO!!!!!”
Cushions fell, my daughter leaped up…the cat let go of her arm and dropped to the floor, STILL with that really freakish look on his face he stood there for quite a few moments , transfixed, staring up at my daughter with possessed eyes. I reckon, if I hadn’t of been there, scolding him, he would have launched yet another attack on her!Β  He eventually stalked off.

What on EARTH was that!!!!??
I simply can’t describe this scenario well enough in words. You had to be there to actually FEEL the energy in the room change. The energy coming from the cat.
It was NOT “our cat”.
Not the gentle laid back, sweet as pie fuzzy wuzzy loving creature as we know him.
He acted like a true Demon cat!

Never ever before has he acted this way towards a person, let alone my daughter who has visited and stayed with us on many occasions.

I’m quite afraid of him now. Totally shaken by his behaviour and demeanor.
Don’t know what to expect next…

My daughter was almost in tears when she once again explained that night when he did the mouth wide open lion styles thing and attacked her in the same manner on the bed.
It wasn’t a yawn she said.
It was like – See how BIG my teeth are!!!”
I am lion, see me roar – silently.
Cats just don’t DO that.
They may, if threatened, growl and posture and puff themselves up big, spit snarl and throw a few cat king fu moves, but they don’t sit there silently stretching their mouths wide open and then leap upon people in a totally unprovoked intentional attack!
Lucky for her she managed to pull the quilt up over herself to prevent being hurt and afterwards ran out the room and locked him in there until he “calmed down”.
This time her story gave me goosebumps. It’s taken on a whole new meaning to me now.

I’m not sure what to do.
He seems perfectly fit and healthy in every other way and very quickly after this incident he returned to his normal happy, relaxed self.
He actually kept coming back to my daughter rubbing his head on her legs, miaowing, acting all lovey dovey like nothing happened.

Truly weird.

So…..come on you cat people, please…
What do you make of this?
Suggest a rational explanation, or else …. can you recommend a good feline exorcist?
I want this beast banished, and my loveable Snickerdoodle back.

Oh and, things seemed to settle down in the house upon our return from our trip.
My daughter , like me, after some time has passed, was beginning to question these things. Look more for the rational explanations.
But then I went downstairs one day – it’s a separate area to the main house where we make candles and I have my music and craft rooms.
There on the floor were two boxes containing all our mini melt molds, completely tipped up with molds scattered all over the floor.
Not only that, but around the corner in my music room where there is a high shelf on the way where I have put a variety of knick knacks, some of those were on the floor too.
My daughter didn’t report any earthquakes when we were gone.
She didn’t even go DOWN there.

Just too many things that make you go…..”Ok….what is going ON here?”

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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19 Responses to There is something not quite right with the cat.

  1. desertrose7 says:

    Sure is! Just completely uncharacteristic of this particular cat. If it happens again I think a visit to the vet is needed to try and get to the bottom of it.

  2. Tasneem says:

    This totally freaked me out! I’m home alone right now so I couldn’t read everything properly, because those kinds of things really scare me. Waaayyy too many strange occurrences have happened to me. But anyway, we had two cats. Perfectly normal, sweet little things. Then we went to the Philippines for a few weeks. And when we came back? Our cats were so crazy! They could open doors and windows and they just acted so differently, they kept stealing food and doing odd things that made no sense!! I don’t even know how they opened doors, or sneak out of the house when the window wasnt was just…plain odd.

    • desertrose7 says:

      Cats certainly are the most mysterious creatures. One of the reasons I’m so drawn to them. πŸ˜‰
      I think they DO react to when their owners go away. I’ve read many times that cats are more territory oriented compared to dogs who are people/pack oriented, but I have to disagree I think. Cats certainly can be put out if their humans disappear, or in our case, perhaps re-appear? They are also WAY more intelligent than what we think and amazingly resourceful.
      Maybe yours decided to find ways to be self sufficient because they thought you’d abandoned them? Who knows with cats. πŸ™‚

  3. Maybe ‘Snickers’ is having a few emotional issues about you going away? I would be taking demon cat to the Vet just to make sure nothing is troubling him physically perhaps. Otherwise it will be case of wearing long sleeves and pants until his Lion tactics subside.

  4. Dan says:

    Yes, sounds like a stop at the Vets should be the first thing to do.
    However, i think that your daughter should be there as well.
    After all, she was the original caretaker for Snickers, right?
    And this incident involved your daughter, right?
    And you saw first hand that when Snickers was cuddling with your daughter this demon decided to show up in his personality, right?

    Maybe this derangement could be duplicated in the Vets office.
    Or perhaps he has some type of infection e.g. ear, that when one gets too close really upsets him.
    Has Snickers shown this lionizing with anyone else in the family or friends that my be visiting?

    Just curious, why didn’t your daughter want to take Snickers with her on her gypsy tour?
    Maybe Snickers senses that she’s going to be leaving him again.
    Well they’re supposed to have nine lives right?
    Maybe they also have six senses. πŸ˜•

    As for the downstairs doings, maybe Snickers was also mad at you guys for leaving him all alone.

    Just adopted a dog named Trooper who was being trained to be a guide dog.
    However, physical problems with his front elbows prevented him from continuing in this program. During his first fourteen months of puppy training i’m guessing that he never spent much time on his own at home because he was being groomed for his guide dog duties and was allowed to go anywhere and everywhere with his trainer.
    So now, when we leave him home alone he gets very upset at us for leaving him and some times he takes his aggressions out on basically anything he can get his teeth into. πŸ˜•

    Otherwise, if you happen upon a good feline exorcist maybe they could recommend a good canine medium?

  5. desertrose7 says:

    Snickers doesn’t have access to downstairs. It has a separate entrance, so no, it wasn’t him messing things up down there.
    We’ve decided to keep the video camera handy, in case his inner lion reveals itself again. I’ll show the vet THAT, if it comes to it, though I hope we don’t see a repeat performance.
    Gypsy tours require freedom, lots of impulsiveness, frequent travel away from home quarters. Snickers needed a more stable home and we were quite willing to have him πŸ™‚

    Separation anxiety is such a difficult thing to curb. I always think it must be so hard for dogs because they can’t grasp the concept that you WILL be back. For all they know you have disappeared forever. 😦
    I’m sure there are plenty of recommended strategies for this though because it’s so common among pack animals like dogs to fret like this, and unfortunately take it out on whatever is in their environment. Cushions were Taya’s favourite things to rip up. That was not a pleasant period, but eventually she settled down.

  6. Ralph was commenting on my blog when he cut it short and said he needed to “help some people with a cat problem” or something like that. I had never been on your site so I emailed Ralph all the possibilites that I could think of at the moment. I have not heard back from him so …

    I am a cat and dog person and I am partial to my cats. But I love my dogs very mcuh. I’ve had a fair share of black cats and presently have two among a number of other rescues. I’m not an expert- just lots of experience with animals but mostly cats and dogs.

    Below is A LIST OF IDEAS: These are just ideas. Again I am not an expert. Just a lover of cats and dogs.

    Infection somewhre in your cat’s body. Pain will cause a cat to act in bizarre ways sometimes.Possible brain tumor ( this is far fetched). I don’t know if it would cause aggression or not.

    Misdirected anger either at you or your daughter. She might have a scent of something very strange that sets off his aggression. Is she using some sort of exotic perfumes, burning incense or burning some kind of candle?

    Some cats after a whle develop anger toward an individual for all sorts of strange reasons. He only wants to be petted on his terms so your daughter should avoid him. Do not allow him in her bedroom.

    Are there stray cats outside the house that he can see or hear? Sometimes this will set off an aggressive episode. Has he had any access to outdoors and do you have a chimney?

    Has he had recent vaccinations of any kind? If you vet is on top of his/her game there are meds that can be given for anxiety.

    Has there been a change in who is ruling the roost in your home? Was there any kind of emotional episodes of any kind before you left home? Did your daughter have any REAL HUMAN πŸ™‚ visitors while you were away?

    Changes in food, litter or litter boxes, a pet that recently died? Changes in where he sleeps.

    Any new person coming to visit?

    This might sound way out but you might consider taking his pic off this site and see waht happens. If the pic of the cat is your cat he really looks like a demon cat and is living up to his reputation.
    Replace pic with something such as some flowes that bloom in the desert- for Desertrose maybe?

    I don’t really believe in spirits etc.but then who knows.

    I am convinced that some cats have ESP. Could your daughter live some place else to see if the cat goes back to being his normal self?

    Good luck.
    Regards, Yvonne

  7. desertrose7 says:

    Hi, thanks so much Yvonne. That is a very comprehensive and well thought out list of ideas. πŸ™‚
    The only real change is my daughter coming to live with us and our trip away.
    He did have a run in with another cat in the neighbourhood a few months ago when he accidentally got out one night (We’re usually very strict on keeping him inside at night) and I did wonder about that as being a reason. But it was quite some time ago now and odd that he didn’t take it out on any of us in the weeks following? Seems to be just my daughter that he’s targeting?
    There have been quite a few fruit bats out at night recently due to the tree’s fruiting. Again, that might be quite literally making him a bit batty πŸ™‚
    But again, just strange that he seems to be taking it out on one person, rather than anyone within reach.
    I have told my daughter not to allow him in her room and to keep contact to a minimum. Most of the time he’s acting completely normal. I really don’t sense any physical pain or illness. Seems to be more a psychological or mental thing. Hope he’s not going barmy or something. No….most of the time he’s acting quite fine. Just these two incidents so far.
    My daughter smokes….but then again, we used to as well, so I really couldn’t blame that on his behaviour (but it would be nice if she would quit.)
    We did read up about sexual aggression which was interesting. It said that male cats will sometimes become sexually fixated on a human and may bite an arm or a leg (much like they will bite a female cat by the neck) So now we’re contemplating that perhaps we may have a randy cat on our hands? But….he’s desexed, so you wouldn’t think he’d be reacting quite so amorously…?
    Really don’t know. It’s the strangest thing.
    I feel sorry for my daughter because he’s only acted this way towards HER.
    Guess we’ll just have to see how things go. Hopefully it was just a couple of crazy moments that we’ll look back on and laugh about.
    Thanks again for taking the time to think about this and offer your thoughts.
    Appreciate it. πŸ™‚
    Where would we be without these critters ….even when they cause us concern.

    • desertrose7 says:

      Oh and…no that’s not a pic of our cat. I found it on a site that appeared to be free. Least I hope so. Gotta be careful with snavelling pics for blogs.
      I’m glad our cat doesn’t look QUITE so evil ( well, except for that night when he really did, lol!)

    • Thanks for the reply. If you have not had your cat vaccinated for rabies-please do so.You never know if he could encounter a rabid bat or some other animal with rabies.

      I do not mean this to sound mean but if your daughter is smoking cannibis, it lingers on clothing and he might be reacting to that. It does strange things to some animals. Also the encounter with the other cat could be fueling his emotions.The cat might be outside your home and he knows the cat it out there- you don’t. If he is super angry over the fight with the other cat- he will redirect his anger to a human because he can not get at the cat.

      By all means tell your daughter: no eye contact with him, give him plenty of space, stay as far away from him that she possibly can. Her clothing should all be washed in a strong detergent to rid clothes of any odors that may be lingering from where she lived and or traveled.

      No smoking in the house.She can stand outside. I sometimes smoke i cig at night and i stand on the back porch. Second hand smoke is bad for animals. Just as damaging to them as it to people.I wash my hands and lips after I smoke so that my cats are not exposed to any nicotine.

      And yes, we love our cats. Even when they are lots of trouble.

      I am glad that is not your cat on your web page.The black cat in the pic looks really mean.

      I’ve never used anyone’s photos for fear of being sued. I have a good camera and use my own pics and I must say I think they are pretty darn good.

      You can purchase pics from sites that sell photos of just about anything that you could ever want.

  8. desertrose7 says:

    Interesting about the cannabis Yvonne. Don’t think that’s the problem here though πŸ™‚
    My daughter only ever smokes ciggies outside.
    I was thinking maybe because we’ve all been so intently “watching him” that maybe it’s making him nervous. But then again, his behaviour is NOT nervous. It’s very intent and focused.
    So very weird. You can feel his energy shift…he just feels like not the same cat!
    Interesting you mention bats, because there are a lot of fruit bats around, but even the racket they are making at night doesn’t seem to be disturbing him. It’s not like he’s looking out the windows acting ruffled by their presence? I’m really not sure about rabies in Australia?
    It’s not as prevalent as in the US. We don’t routinely vaccinate for it lets put it that way.
    Well, we’ll see what the vet says. Appointment is booked.

    For pictures I usually use these free sites if I don’t have one of my own handy.

    I know…I’ve read about the sue-ing thing. πŸ˜‰

    • desertrose7 says:

      And I forgot to mention…how could I?
      Last night he attacked ME.
      Same thing as with my daughter…..the intent focus on me….First he bit my foot for NO reason. I scolded him, no hysteria, just to let him know that was NOT on….then he sat in front of me STARING at me for a good five or ten minutes, looking down at my foot, up at my face….this went on for a bit until he got that crazy “look” in his eyes and I was just about to get up off my chair and walk out the room when he tried to leap up onto my leg!

      • desertrose7 says:

        Well, the vet gave him a clean bill of health. She couldn’t explain his behaviour. Said it sounds like typical hunting behaviour but this is not usually directed towards humans. We’re trying him on some cat pheromones. A plug in room diffuser thing. My daughter mentioned the house situation and the vet did not discount that he may be picking up on “things” that we can’t see or understand.
        Who knows. I reckon we might never know.

  9. Rose, That is your new nickname (from me) I did not know that you live in Australia. I’m glad that you got the pheromones for him.That just might work. Also don’t know if the vet suggested meds for himm or not. I still think there is a possibilty that your cat has a physical ailment that only causes pain at times. So he only attacks women? I am very intrested in what might be causing your cat’s aggressive behavior. I still think that the cat fight could have started the aggression.I don’t believe in ghosts or spirits but I also do not discount them. Is your home an old one and had other people lived there before you?

    In order to get notifications of your replies to me it looks as if I will need to subscribe to your blog. That way I can follow what is going on with your cat. I wish that I could ask my daughter but she has been quite ill with a farily rare type of arthritis and is having H– getting her energy back and meds adjusted. She has given up her practice and is depressed and sobbing that she is afraid she will never be well enough to work as a vet again. I think that she will.It takes time to stabilze on meds. She has stories of all kinds of weird cases from hearing, reading or experiencing them. When she gets to the point of feeling a tad better I will tell her about your cat.

    • desertrose7 says:

      Sorry about your daughter Yvonne.
      My seventeen year old daughter has just been diagnosed with seronegative arthritis. She’s frequently in pain with it but they don’t seem to have any real answers to our questions.
      Young people simply should feel like old people! 😦
      I hope they find a way to help your daughter. Does she follow an anti inflammatory diet?
      I can’t help you with anything technical either I’m afraid, but yes, you probably do have to be following me to get notifications.
      So weird all this following people stuff. I’m new to the blogging world and trying to muddle my way through.

      The vet did say the alternative was some kind of cat antidepressant medication.
      I’d rather not medicate him, so we’ll try the pheromones first.
      Really honestly though, my gut feeling is that it won’t make a difference.
      He’s not acting “stressed” to begin with. Just weird.
      Who knows….
      For now we are just avoiding him if he starts to look all “focused on us” and generally trying to keep things low key.
      I think he may be picking up on our fear, and perhaps is confused by it?
      We just need to hold it together here and act normal, lol! (and hide our feet from the beast!)

      • Thanks for the reply.I have now subscribed to you but as yet WP has not picked up the fact. You are correct about the med thing.I really think all the “anti” for anxiety and depression are not good things for a cat or a dog.

        I will answer about the arthritis thing later- i hope today but it could be tomorrow. I want to know about the diet thing.I told her no sugar use honey instead, quit smoking and,to eat some ginger every day. More about all that jazz will b coming up.

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