Things that go poke in the night (among other things.)

I always say that my husband could trip over a ghost and not even notice it, he’s that un-tuned into things of the other worldly kind.
It’s not that he’s a total skeptic; it’s just that he’s about as spiritually receptive as a plank of wood.
Me, on the other hand, well, I’d love to exaggerate a bit and say I’m a walking ghost magnet, but the truth is I’m disappointed that I’m not, because I truly do believe in spirits.

Over the years I’ve had a few unexplainable things happen around and to me, even in this current house, which I didn’t expect, since my friend Mandy (who’s house we are renting) is so positive and full of love and light.
I anticipated that her good energy would be seeped into the walls and wrap itself protectively around us when we moved in.
So to tell you that a small tennis ball, that we’ve never seen before, suddenly appeared out of nowhere on my kitchen mat, or that a floor lamp in the lounge room turned itself on when nobody but me was home, doesn’t sound altogether really chillingly “spooky” now does it?
You wouldn’t be sitting there getting goosebumps saying “Woah… strange balls on mats, now that’s REALLY creepy! Someone should make a super scary movie based on that!”

Actually what DID happen recently, that disturbed me a wee bit, was that something “poked” me as I was sleeping.
I’m not talking about a dream “poke” or even a poke from a frisky husband, but an actual residual feeling of two fingers having physically poked my arm- hard.
That kind of “poke”.

I wasn’t even dreaming of something that could have incorporated such a sensation, because I recall my dream vividly, and this “poke” rudely woke me right out of it.
I thought it was one of the kids trying to wake me up, and actually whirled around to look to see who was standing at the side of my bed.
Of course nobody was there.
It was an urgent, almost annoyed POKE, lingering on my arm for quite some time, and I’m still pondering over it.

Nothing unexplained has ever touched me physically before, not unless you include those “phantom cats” that creep across your bed in the night, with paws that you could swear were real paws, treading softly and carefully over the quilt, until you look, and of course the bed is cat-less.

But those sort of things I suppose you pooh pooh away. Momentary and forgettable.
There are things you don’t forget though.
Like breathing.

When I was ten and we’d moved from Africa to Australia, my parents divorced pretty soon afterward.
I was about eleven when my mother and I moved into a small flat, and my brother went to live with my father.
It was a depressing little flat in the middle of hundreds of other identical unit blocks.
Whoever had been living there (Rumour had it that a strange couple with a young mentally disabled son had lived there prior to us.) had painted the walls horridly garish colours.
Two walls, in what was to be my bedroom, were painted deep purple and the other two were lime green.  The bathroom was a deep orange colour. Really unnerving colours. The first thing my mother did was have it all painted “normally”.
It was anything but normal living there though.

Not long afterwards, my father bought me a piano.
I don’t know how we fitted it into that tiny place, but somehow we did.
Of course, at times the piano would play a few notes in the middle of the night.
Maybe piano’s just DO that? I don’t know?  Strings that stretch or tighten depending on temperature? I’m just guessing. Seems plausible?
But when televisions start turning themselves on and off?  (Back in the day when there WERE no TV remotes, so it was all heavy duty push buttons ON the actual TV itself. Remember that?)
Lights start flickering…?
People start breathing in your ear?

Ok, so let’s back up a bit.
I HAD been “dabbling”, with friends for a while, before all this started happening.
I was closer to twelve actually, by the time the breathing started.
My friends and I had been playing with…”calling the spirits”.
No Ouija board or anything, just a candle flame and our intention.
I’ve since come to learn, through delving a little just out of curiosity, into Wiccan beliefs, what “intention” is all about.
At twelve years of age, I had no idea how powerful intention is.

Something WAS called.
I am absolutely sure of it, and something that was NOT good.

It continued to torment me for at least the next year, breathing heavily- raspy breaths, in my ear as soon as I would get into bed at night. Every night.
There was no logical explanation for it….no traffic in the distance, no tree’s outside the window…no one upstairs snoring loudly. Nothing I could think of, to rationally explain it.
Coupled with the other stuff going on – the piano, TV, lights, things going missing when you put them somewhere that you KNOW you put them…(My mother would get so mad with me.)

The energy in that place was just not a good energy. I think my mother felt it too, but she wouldn’t admit it.
(Sometimes that’s all you have to go on, is this gut feeling – this tuning into a “bad” energy. I have learned to value, and trust this feeling – especially with alive people.)

On the very last night we were in that flat, due to move in the morning, I had gone to bed and put my radio on ; the only way to drown out the breathing.
It was of course an old style like transistor radio – with the dial you had to turn and can see the marker thing moving up and down the frequencies?
Suddenly the radio went crazy, flipping from station to station…not just static, but actually ripping through the frequencies back and forth.  You could see the marker moving!
I yelled for my mother who came flying in, took one look at what the radio was doing and said “Turn it off! Pack it in a box!”

And that was that. We moved, we never really spoke about it, and to my immense relief, the breathing stopped.

Years passed with little or no strange happenings, other than phantom cats (who seem to be a constant. Is it me, or do other people have these invisible cats on the bed?)
Until one night when for the first and ONLY time, I actually saw, with my own two good, sober eyes – a real “GHOST”.

I think the word “ghost” is lame…so C grade horror movie-ish.
A spiritual being trapped between dimensions? OR perhaps in this case, a momentary merging of two dimensions?

I was about 23 yrs old, at home alone with the two kids. They were asleep and I was in the lounge room sitting in an armchair with my keyboard across the two arms of the chair.
I was deep in concentration there, playing my keyboard.

Across the other side of the room was a phone table (of sorts) with a lamp on it which was turned on.
I kept seeing something out of the corner of my eye over near that table. Once, twice, my brain registered there was something “there” but the third time I looked up to see what it was.

Sitting at the table was the figure of a young girl with long wavy hair. Her face was bent downward as though she was focused on looking at something on the table.
She wasn’t real like “flesh and blood” real, but she wasn’t semi transparent either – not like you see in the movies.  (That would be so lame. I’m glad I didn’t see a lame ghost.)
It was more like a solid darkish shadow with a distinct illuminated outline…almost like a golden light radiating around the entire outline of her body, especially her head and shoulders.

In that split second of processing and recognizing what I’ve just described, my mind also went “Whoa..hang on…Ok, BLINK and it’s all going to disappear.”
But she didn’t disappear, she stayed right there almost motionless, just seemingly looking intently at something.

Then my mind went “Ok, that’s it, you’ve finally flipped out big-time here. You’re seeing things!”

But I knew I wasn’t.

The only way out of the room was to walk (run) past “her” to get out the door.
Which is exactly what I did because I was majorly freaked out!

She didn’t move.
Didn’t even seem to know I was THERE, at all, as I got the heck out of the room.

It struck me at the time that although I could see HER, she couldn’t see me. I’m quite sure of that actually.

Of course I know it sounds totally unbelievable.
You can’t imagine that something like this could be true, unless it’s YOU looking right at it and knowing at your very core that you’re seeing something- with a sane sober mind, that is apparently not of THIS world.

My mother once told me “Tracy, I had the weirdest thing happen as I was falling asleep last night. Your voice spoke in my ear and it said – You will be going to a funeral soon.”
We both agreed that was pretty strange. And why my voice?
A few days later a close friend and neighbor of hers was hit by a car outside their block of flats.
He never recovered and died in hospital shortly afterwards.
My mother of course, went to his funeral.

All these little things start adding up after a while. I could go on, but you might start losing the will to live reading such a long blog post.
I don’t know how to explain them. I’m open minded, perhaps there ARE explanations?

All I know is I want no part of heavy breathing, or things that go POKE in the night, the rest I can handle. I think?

While we’re at it. Take a look at this video I took at some ruins.
Maybe it’s nothing, but it intrigued me anyway, simply because of the vibe I got at this particular location.

<p><a href=”″>Weird thing in video</a> from <a href=”″>Tracy Lundgren</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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9 Responses to Things that go poke in the night (among other things.)

  1. Dan says:

    Life is really all about energy isn’t it?

    When ever i hear stories like this (or even from my own experiences) it reminds me of the TV series Star Trek.
    You know, when somebody gets transported from the Enterprise to some planet.
    Sometimes, the body doesn’t completely get to its destination.

    Hope your next rendezvous is a more pleasant one. 🙂

    Funny but just this morning I had a, among other things, not so scary encounter.
    But I know I’m crazy, so we’ll just leave it at that. 😉

    • desertrose7 says:

      It is. We are all made up of energy, and I suspect all connected by the same energy…everything, plants, animals,rocks, air,water…
      Sometimes I think THAT is what “god” is. That total sum of all energy.
      Why? I don’t know though, and it hurts my brain to ponder it, so I’ll just accept it.

  2. Adam S says:

    I knew you wouldn’t let me down. I’ve heard a few stories from a friend of mine about the same kind of experience you had. Backstory: The house that he grew up in was the same house that his mom and aunt lived in when they were kids. When his mom and dad married, they bought the house from the parents. The catch was that his aunt died young, and the parents never changed her room since. It was creepy to the max. It was like walking into a 70’s time capsule. The carpet, the bed, the furniture, clothing in the closet — it was all original and weird. Anyways, the aunt’s bedroom was upstairs, as was my friend’s room. One night when he went up to his bedroom he glanced over and the aunt was standing in the door way of her room — one of his brother’s witnessed it too. She was a glowing white, white dress, no facial expression, completely still. Weird.

    Now for one of mine. I bought a video camera and was playing around with it one night. I’m into video editing. I took a few shots in my garage one evening and uploaded all of the footage onto the computer. When I loaded the film into the editing program, I started watching all of the footage and heard something weird in one of the clips. Plain as day, a little girl said: “Mommy?” Whenever I listen to it, I still get the creeps. It wasn’t blurry sounding or anything like that. It sounded like there was a little girl off camera. Maybe I’ll upload it to youtube, and let you be the judge. The catch though was that there was a little girl that was run over and killed in the driveway across the street about 20 years ago. There’s still a legend to this day about her walking up and down the street…looking for mom. Weird

    • desertrose7 says:

      Yeah upload it, for sure! I’d like to hear it. Creepy. (What sort of video’s do you create?)
      I’m glad I haven’t recorded anything auditory. I did have a very weird experience after I filmed a video in a cemetery to a song I’d written called “Stone angels” though. While I was putting the footage together my computer suddenly went crazy and kept blasting out these random sound files, from nowhere. I’d be editing (and this was in a really spooky house too – an old stone “castle” and my music room was like in a windowless dungeon, lol!) when suddenly through my headphones the computer would blast things like…a random dog bark, then a short snippet of music, a bird whistling..The scariest thing was this sound of a little child giggling. THAT sent me running out the room. It was the eeriest thing, especially because most of the shots I was putting together were of these cherub looking “stone angels”. I never got to the bottom of it either – couldn’t find a virus on my computer or anywhere where these “sound effects” could have been coming from.
      Had my husband absolutely stumped. After I finished the video, the weird sound effects went away. I had totally forgotten about that actually!
      Regarding your friend and his brother. How can these things be disputed when more than ONE person see’s them? People can’t just share a hallucination? Two people can’t “think” they see something that’s not really there.
      Yep, no doubt about it, there is certainly more going on than what we are able to understand.
      My favourite show at the moment is “I survived – beyond and back” . Stories of near death (or death) experiences where people have come back to describe what happened to them. Absolutely fascinating.

      • Adam S says:

        I didn’t realize that five jumbo videos were going to upload! Holy shit. You can delete that comment if you want. If you didn’t get a response from me other than this one, its probably in your spam cue.

      • desertrose7 says:

        I watched them through the notification in email I got.
        Hey, I just love the lighting, camera angles and mood of that first one. Very suspenseful. What lighting did you use and what video editing program? Looks like you’ve got a real knack for editing – all of them kept me interested, all the way through. Have you dabbled with making music clips? (do you still play drums at all, in a band?)
        Thanks for showing me 🙂 I love watching how other people “see” things.

      • Adam S says:

        Thanks! There was actually a great narrative that went along with it, but I somehow lost it during the export. We didn’t use any special lighting really. Actually, a few shots were in front of a computer screen, and a few others were done with a spotlight and a t-shirt to dim the lighting. (very high-tech) The editing program I use is called “Magix Movie Edit Pro”. Its actually a great program, considering that it only cost me forty bucks.

        I’m not in a band anymore. But if I was, that would definitely have been a project I would have taken on. I don’t spend a whole lot of time doing it anymore because the people that I worked with on all of it are stupid — to be blunt.

        I love editing though. I kind of taught myself as I went along and had a blast with it! Camera work and scripting makes the editing process a lot more rewarding. Most of the stuff you watched is so shallow and ridiculous in concept, that it takes away from how much work goes into editing. “Possessions” took me about 3 hours for a two minute clip!

      • desertrose7 says:

        Sounds like my sophisticated lighting set up – desk lamps.
        Oh no, I fully appreciate the amount of time that goes into editing, as you say, even a two minute clip. It’s a painstaking process.

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