The things you see on late night walks….


Well, it was an interesting evening walk with my daughter and the dog.
There we were strolling down the street when up ahead I saw a parked car with its headlights on but the engine turned off.
I thought for a moment that someone was going to get a flat battery – uh oh, forgot to turn the lights off.
Just because I’m naturally suspicious and nosy I peered into the windows as we got closer, just in case, you know, there was somebody up to no good in there.
And right as we passed the ve HI cle (As they say in parts in the US….see I’m practising in anticipation.) just as we passed my mind went “OY!”
Why did it go “OY!” ?
Because…..::::whispering::::: giggling::::: there were people in the front seat doing the jiggy.
Getting some nooky…
Bowchickawowow!….doing THE deed!

They didn’t even stop!
Like….”Oh my….we’ve been sprung!”
No, nothing of the sort…they just kept going, regardless. Lost in their moments of pure ecstatic, lustful abandon.

Actually all I saw was the back of the woman doing a slow bounce.


I turned to my daughter sniggering and said “Oh….they’re having sex!”
I don’t know whether she was embarrassed or shocked or what.
I think I was all three, plus amused. “Or what” counts see.

Well, spring IS in the air isn’t it.
What with the jungle birds at it every night so are the humans it seems.

Tonight I am having a glass of wine.
I don’t care if it makes my feet itch.
Oh, you didn’t know that about me?
Yes, you see I have a problem with alcohol.
If I drink it, about half an hour later the soles of my feet begin to itch like CRAZY, to the point where I have to find a scrubby rough outdoor mat to rub my feet on….I’ve even used my husband’s back scratcher (don’t tell him though.) In desperation once I even got an old fork to scratch my feet.

Allergy you think?
I don’t know, but it really takes the pleasure out of having the occasional tipple.
And tonight I’m having one because DARN IT….I’m so tired of not being able to SLEEP!
Too bad feet….you’ll just have to itch.

“I want to go to France and eat frogs legs and snails” said my almost fifteen year old son to me tonight as he unexpectedly popped his head into the room.
Woah…he spoke to me!
He said something of substance – expressed a desire, that WASN’T to do with computers or skateboards.
I was taken aback. Shocked.
Now I KNOW something about this strange man child who lives in my house but says nothing, grunts occasionally and farts a lot.
He popped away again leaving me feeling excited.
He wants to go to France.
Fancy that hey. A dream, a goal…a yearning. Now that I can relate to!

Well, he should try some of THESE babies if he wants to eat snails!


Can you imagine one of THOSE in your lettuce? Giant African snails they are, apparently. (I never saw any as a kid…thank God!)
Imagine the snail trails from hell those things would paint all over your back deck.

Once again my blog post is all over the place. I do apologise. I just have an eight lane highway for a mind.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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3 Responses to The things you see on late night walks….

  1. Ralph says:

    So funny Tracy 😀
    I worked in an electronics factory for a while and we were all asked to go out quietly and surround a van which was bouncing up and down one lunchtime. When the rear doors finally opened 700 pairs of hands applauded and cheers rang around the car park.That’s the only way to make a couple turn a bright scarlet 😀
    Ralph xox 😀

  2. I laughed and I love your 8 line highway 🙂

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