Giraffe girl, aggravating dishwashers and buffalo riding.

I measure my insomnia by the dishwasher, but that’s ok because we’re all a bit strange here.
Tonight my daughter came in and announced “I am a third of a giraffe tall.”
I can’t think where last I put that damn giraffe. Why didn’t she just get the tape measure?

Yes, it’s an odd night…um, morning really, I THINK.
God, ever since daylight savings started I have been thoroughly confused and it seems that either someone is running around resetting all the clocks to different times or else I truly am losing my mind.

Perhaps it’s got to do with the fact that for almost a week now I have still been wide awake at 4 am and unable to sleep past about 10 am, and I am not a girl who can survive on only 6 hours sleep a night. I need those extra two or three to FUNCTION.
So I’m about 18 hours behind.
Which is why I feel a bit odd and really quite angry with the damn dishwasher.

Why you ask?
Because I know my husband sets the dishwasher for the wee hours of the morning (saves on electricity costs) and because I have no idea what the REAL time is, when I hear the dishwasher clunk to life I just know it’s mocking me saying “It’s late….terribly late….and you are still awake…ha ha, hee hee….”

Not only that, strange jungle birds have moved into the neighbourhood it appears who make a ruckus at night. I have never heard these birds before, but every night they are at it.
I feel as though I need to go outside and swing from a vine with a banana between my teeth.

I had a lovely day today. Met up with a friend who’s house we’re renting.
She lives in Vietnam at the moment.
Lovely person. The kind of person who makes you feel really good after a visit with her.
She was telling me a funny story.

They all ride those Vesper bikes over there. Scooters I guess?
She was on her way somewhere riding along a narrow road with rice paddy’s on either side when suddenly she came across a really large BUFFALO blocking the road.
With nowhere to go (water lining the side of the road) she tried to shoo the beast away, but it refused to move.
So she got off the bike and tried smacking it’s bum to get it to move.
It still refused.
Now, I can’t believe she did this, but I know she’s been around and has rode/ridden?/been on horses all her life, so she tells me that she decided to get ON this buffalo…and she kneed it “Tally ho…hi ho…off we go… Move you damn beast!” ….yes…she RODE the Buffalo until it got out of the way, then she hopped back on her bike and off she went.

I was in hysterics imagining the scenario. So funny!
Not many people can say they went Buffalo riding on their way to work now can they?

It seems I’ve run out of steam…or animals as it were.
What else can I tell you?

Oh, I got a very unexpected but very pleasant surprise of a gift today.
My husband bought me a brand new video camera.
My most favourite in the world- one I knew exactly how to operate camera, died some time ago.
I had asked him to see if we could get it repaired (wishful thinking – I think it’s dead really.) but instead he surprised me with a new updated model.
I really needed it too, so I can film all of our awesome upcoming adventures in America!
Got to get it all on camera because I’m sure there will be some amazing stuff to film, as well as some really funny moments.
This is really a trip of a lifetime for us all. There won’t be too many other times when we’ll be able to take the kids with us so I just have to immortalize it on film.

Oh and one more thing, which I found really amusing.
My third of a giraffe tall daughter also said to me tonight.
“Have you stopped doing the washing?”
I was a bit puzzled really. I know hubby’s and my washing basket is full to the brim but to be honest, yeah, perhaps I’ve been a bit slack lately.
“Why?” I asked
“Because I have no underwear left. I’ve been wondering what to do.”

Giraffe girl is nearly 18.
You’d think by now she could navigate her way to the laundry, find the washing machine and turn it on hey.
Hmm, maybe elephants would fly too.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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7 Responses to Giraffe girl, aggravating dishwashers and buffalo riding.

  1. Keira says:

    You should stop doing the washing.. as an experiment to see what happens!

    I can sympathize with the dishwasher sensation as well.. I hated hearing it turn on at night time because I knew it was way past my bedtime!

  2. Ralph says:

    Your daughter has got a neck, hasn’t she ?? 😉

    Have a lovely weekend Tracy. Ralph xox 😀

  3. ksbeth says:

    such a fun post, thanks!

  4. you do bring a smile to face – which tonight is so needed – thank you x

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