The versatile blogger award.


I had no idea you could get awards for just blithering on about all the stuff that goes on inside your head, but twice now in my very short time in the blogging world I have been graciously “awarded”.
Just the other day I was nominated by Tasneem for the Versatile Blogger award. (Thank you!)

I must admit, the first time I received an award from Adam  I did not know what to do with it, what it was really all about, so very slackly (sorry Adam, don’t smack me with a leafy branch.) I did nothing.
Now that I’m getting more and more into this world of blogging, I’m gleaning a bit of an understanding about “awards” anyway.
So for those of you much more enlightened , hard core bloggers, perhaps you can jump in here and verify my theories?

So…awards are really nothing to do with wordpress itself right?
It’s the kind doings of other bloggers who choose to give out these awards within their own circles.
You in turn, when you are given an award, have to give it to someone (lots of? Fifteen?) other bloggers whom you feel deserve it?
Kind of like an award chain thing going on, but none dies if they don’t “pass it on”. Well hey….I’m still here. (Again….sorry Adam.)

Can you break rules? I’m a bit of a rule breaker.
Fifteen seems like a bit much….even in the chain world.
I’m going to choose FIVE people.  Ok?

But first it seems I have to do several things.

Post about being awarded.
Doing that….check.
Write seven “Interesting things about myself”.
Only seven?
My my…it’s going to be hard to limit myself to so few wonderful amazing, thoroughly stimulating facts about my incredible self.

Where should I start?

1) I was born in Africa. My kids think this is interesting and tell all their new friends, who (until they meet me) find it amazing that I, this exotic black woman has given birth to albino’s.
I also live in a mud hut, walk around topless and have a pet hyena.
No, I am NOT black…but I wish I was. Dark skin is gorgeous (and exotic) and doesn’t show wrinkles or cellulite anywhere near as much.

2) I have been told I am a witch. Say no more.
No, hang on, I will.
I visited some pagan/wiccan people once, strangers really, and they were adamant that I indeed am a “witch” but I just do not know it. They even gave me a wand (I kid you not.) My husband called it the “stinky stick” because we could smell it in the car all the way home. It was the tip of a…oh I should know, because witches “know” these things. The top of an elm tree? Or was it a birch tree?
I don’t know…it was a smelly stick. BUT I still have it because it’s special, and so are the people who gave it to me.

3) I have a bunion forming on my left foot. Yes that IS interesting! Because I shouldn’t have it! It’s only small, not really “ugly” – yet. I’m not old enough to own a bunion, and it’s the reason why I walk around barefoot as much as I can because almost every shoe known to man makes my foot ache.  Every night when I lay in bed my foot aches….so feel sorry for me, because I do.

4) I scrunch, never “fold” my toilet paper.  Aren’t you glad you know that about me? (Are you a scruncher or folder? I think folders are anal retentive.  Ok, so we scrunchers probably use a whole lot more toilet paper but so whhhhhhat !

5) I wet the bed once, as an adult, because I was having one of those “I’m on the loo, happily peeing” dreams.  My husband has never forgiven me for it, or let me forget it. It only happened ONCE!

6)  I cry all the time. My eyes have this affliction whereby almost anything makes them flood with tears. When I laugh it looks like I’m crying. When I watch even vaguely soppy movies I BLUBBER.  When people are relating a touching story to me, my eyes well up, and sometimes embarrassingly overflow.
For years, when my kids were younger I couldn’t go to watch them in a school peformance without wearing sunglasses (inside the hall) because seeing all those kids on stage, singing, or dancing or playing instruments, would make me cry. Not even just MY kids, ANY kids.  I am extremely moved and emotionally affected by EVERYTHING.

7) I have a terrible fear of maggots. Anything even vaguely maggot like….like leeches.  I completely FREAK OUT over maggots and leeches. Worms are ok, normal garden worms, but don’t show me maggots and don’t EVER let a leech suck on me. (Quite a challenge for an avid camper. )

Aww, are we done? I had so many more vastly intruiging and exciting things to say about myself.

Ok….so lastly, I’d just like to take this opportunity to thank   for the award, and to say a very big thankyou to all the wonderful amazing (far more interesting than I) fellow blogger friends I have met (I am stalking), who for whatever insane reason are also stalking me.

Now that you all know I have a prospective UGLY toe in the making, that I could possibly be a witch (I’ll let you know if I sprout a wart on my nose and develop an attraction to brooms) and that I wet the bed ONCE, I hope I haven’t turned you off still continuing to stalk me into the new year.

As for passing on the Versatile blogger award…

I nominate the following five bloggers. (Apologies if you’ve already received it. You can have it twice, or more though, can’t you? Think of it like a boomerang.)

1)Adam Because he’s a deep thinker, very funny and I always look forward to his posts, which I believe qualify as “versatile”.
2)Jasmine Because she’s also versatile, likes mustaches (weird), makes me smile, and I think is on a seeking journey of her own.
3)Mrs D Because anything goes in her ramblings and I enjoy her real-ness.
4)Ralph Because he’s a bloggerholic and would really appreciate this award. 🙂
5)Kate Because her blog is unique. Her boyfriend is very patient allowing her to photograph his daily fashion trends. I am oddly fascinated by Gabe’s wardrobe.

Have a wonderful Christmas and an AMAZING bloggerful year ahead!

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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7 Responses to The versatile blogger award.

  1. Adam S says:

    You Rock, T !! Thanks so much for the nod. We are *deep thinkers* together. I always enjoy reading you. You’re in my *old school bloggers* bin — we go way back together. Keep up the great work and….

    …Happy Kwanz-Chistma-ca, to you too! (Merry Christmas)

  2. Mrs D says:

    We are sooo alike – I too am a scruncher & most definitely agree on folders being anal AND I have leaky eyes – went to pick up son from last day at primary school today – walked in to classroom to see another Mum blubbering – was enough for me – poor kid was highly embarrassed 😉 thanks for the award chick ❤

  3. Well No one will EVER say you don’t deserve it with a post like that LOL!!! How could I ACCEPT an award and go up against my FAVORITE Blogger! NEVER!!! I do NOT accept your award you are TO deserving of the award! You a beautiful ebony princess and all are NOT to tease you when you wet the bed or scream when you confuse a sock for a GIANT maggot in the dark LOL!!! Happy Holidays YOU are BEAUTIFUL!

  4. Miriam E. says:

    thumbs up for the rule breaking! i hate these chain-mail-thingies with a passion…

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