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My name is Tracy and I have irritating habits.

It has come to my attention that there is the slight chance, a vague possibility that I might have, on rare occasions… one or two irritating habits. Possibly one of them is to frequently succumb to the urge to include… … Continue reading

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Giraffe girl, aggravating dishwashers and buffalo riding.

I measure my insomnia by the dishwasher, but that’s ok because we’re all a bit strange here. Tonight my daughter came in and announced “I am a third of a giraffe tall.” I can’t think where last I put that … Continue reading

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Our family outback adventures captured on film. (Episode 1)

The other night as my husband and I went on an evening walk with the dog I was lamenting about how memories in the far distant past seemed so much more poignant…Almost as though the experiences we had all those … Continue reading

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My husband has fallen in love (and lost his mind!)

So we’re out and about today doing some shopping and I happened to see a pet shop. I love looking at animals, so of course I took a wander in, with hubby grumbling behind me. “Why are we going in … Continue reading

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If the end of the world comes……

You see this? (above) this is my life. Our son asks for a new toothbrush and my husband goes out and buys FIFTY toothbrushes. I kid you not, there are fifty brand new American dental society approved toothbrushes in that … Continue reading

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Warning! Not for those with weak stomachs.

Remember this picture. If you start to feel ill at any time, scroll up and look at the cute puppy. So today I look at my fourteen year old son and he is sporting these huge red lips. “Are your … Continue reading

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The order and the chaos. (mostly chaos)

I cannot find a FREE image to describe this post so today I give you a nice fluffy bunny, which has nothing at ALL to do with my post, but hey, everyone needs a nice fluffy bunny sometimes. Wish I … Continue reading

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They’re coming to take them away…..

Tomorrow I hope to be rid of these pesky ghosts that are in my house. Really, honestly I’m tired of waking up to something banging on my bed head, tired of things bumping the back of my chair, when I’m … Continue reading

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On the edge of my patience. (Watching movies with ones spouse.)

Watching movies with my husband can be the most frustrating thing out. We have different tastes for a start… I love tense, on the edge of your seat psychological thriller movies. My favourite movie of all time, I think, is … Continue reading

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The undead zone.

I often think about aliens. Not little green men aliens but a far superior species to human beings, so far from our silly little science fiction notions that we just can’t even imagine a race so different and so much … Continue reading

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