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The nest.

Managed to get up enough energy today to create this still-life photograph. Shai’s Cockatiels keep laying infertile eggs. She has three birds, two females and one male. Jasper – the male is desperately in love with Freckles, who urges him … Continue reading

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My husband has fallen in love (and lost his mind!)

So we’re out and about today doing some shopping and I happened to see a pet shop. I love looking at animals, so of course I took a wander in, with hubby grumbling behind me. “Why are we going in … Continue reading

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Bird porn.

We’re a family that loves pets. Dogs, cats, birds, fish, rats, mice,(GOATS -we didn’t love those.) you name it, we’ve had it. In the rescue department there have been turtles, a fox, wild birds, dumped dogs, cats, legless lizards and … Continue reading

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