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Sticks and stones will break your bones…

We all know the saying, and it’s got to be one of the most untrue statements we could ever be told. When I was fourteen years old, at that painfully awkward age when self image and self confidence were confusing … Continue reading

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Wall in progress.

I have to say what is in my heart.   – The scariest thing in the world right now is not Trump, or Madonna’s threats to blow things up, or any individual woman, or man behaving badly- it’s division. A wall … Continue reading

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Knights in yellow armour.

(Photo from ABC news. Don’t know if I’m breaching any copywrite by putting it here 😦 ) I’ve literally spent the past week glued to the news watching all the reports on the fire situation here in NSW. Today was … Continue reading

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Status update.

So hell hath come to earth in Australia today. We are expecting temperatures of 43 degree’s. That’s 109.3 This is only the third time on record temperatures have reached these extremes here. They are saying that in some areas we … Continue reading

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The world we have made.

It’s not my country, but that doesn’t matter. We are one world, one planet so when tragedy strikes it affects everyone. There is no place for guns in society. Forget the amendment, “rights”, it’s bullshit, a law written for a … Continue reading

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A most offensive four letter word.

So…nurses are not allowed to call patients “mate” anymore here in Australia. Shame on nurses who like to sprinkle a few sweethearts and darlings around too. Not PROFESSIONAL, ya know! Someone could take offense. It could make someone feel disempowered, … Continue reading

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