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Getting to the bottom of things.

I’m feeling a lot better today. Whew, not quite as bloated and full of hot air. I think the problem is… I suspect, and have done for some time that my digestive health is not as it should be to … Continue reading

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Rainbows, smiles and gallbladders.

It’s been a weird week. On Monday morning my daughter screamed out to me “Mum, quick the dog’s got something in the backyard!” Oh no! Not another bloody chicken, I thought…. Nope, this time it was a baby Rainbow Lorikeet. … Continue reading

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Going coconuts!

Just lately I have been reading a LOT about Virgin coconut oil and all it’s amazing health benefits. I’m a little skeptical to be honest. The idea of eating spoonfuls of the stuff for “weight loss” just doesn’t seem to … Continue reading

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