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Sticks and stones will break your bones…

We all know the saying, and it’s got to be one of the most untrue statements we could ever be told. When I was fourteen years old, at that painfully awkward age when self image and self confidence were confusing … Continue reading

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Crazy minds, Zentangles and Swirly People.

Every time we have gone away I’ve taken my pens and Prismacolour pencils with me and a drawing pad with the best of intentions of having time to just sit and unwind and do some Zentangle type drawings.  Has this … Continue reading

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Rites of passage – the handbag.

(No, that’s not mine, it’s Wikipedias.) As a mother you realise when your daughter has made the transition from girl to woman not because she begins sporting bumps and curves in places where before there weren’t any. Not because she … Continue reading

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Portrait photography.

  So yes, I am a frustrated photographer at heart. I only know the basics, but now that I have glasses it’s making things a lot easier 🙂 Yesterday my daughter and her friend asked me to help them get … Continue reading

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Tie dye disasters.

I don’t know what possesses me sometimes. I went out recently and ended up buying a tonne of RIT fabric dye and a WHOLE bunch of white tank tops and T-shirts with the intention of doing some tie dying. I … Continue reading

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Sleep, book pillows and an experiment in stripes.

Having a bit of a slow paced day here, just muddling around doing bits and pieces. It’s been on my mind for quite some time now to make some sort of “thing” to prop my book up when I read … Continue reading

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Absolutely hideous!

Let me start by first saying that I’m no fashion expert. I don’t follow trends, don’t read women’s magazines. I’m a bit eclectic in what I wear. Comfort comes first and I don’t like my arms so I try to … Continue reading

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