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Back from America! “I survived…. a tornado!”

I’ve been sick and jetlagged, and just plain exhausted since getting back from our trip. I had no time to blog while we were away as it was just so hectic. We never had a days rest and practically FELL … Continue reading

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Rites of passage – the handbag.

(No, that’s not mine, it’s Wikipedias.) As a mother you realise when your daughter has made the transition from girl to woman not because she begins sporting bumps and curves in places where before there weren’t any. Not because she … Continue reading

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How to make long flights more comfortable?

With only a few days to go now before we head off on our big adventure to the US, my mind is spinning. Have I packed enough? Have I packed too much? Will two pairs of shoes be enough? Will … Continue reading

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Sketches by my daughter.

Sometimes you just have to brag about your kids a bit hey. So today I’m having a brag. My seventeen year old, Shai, has been back at it with a pencil recently and I must say suddenly her talents have … Continue reading

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Karma and the suitcases.

I’m a pretty honest person. Ok, so there have been times when I’m sure a checkout person has undercharged me by a few dollars, and maybe in that instance I might let it go because I know for SURE there … Continue reading

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My name is Tracy and I have irritating habits.

It has come to my attention that there is the slight chance, a vague possibility that I might have, on rare occasions… one or two irritating habits. Possibly one of them is to frequently succumb to the urge to include… … Continue reading

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Knights in yellow armour.

(Photo from ABC news. Don’t know if I’m breaching any copywrite by putting it here 😦 ) I’ve literally spent the past week glued to the news watching all the reports on the fire situation here in NSW. Today was … Continue reading

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Bush fires in Australia. 2013

My daughter, grandson, her partner, his parents have lost their house to the bushfires in the Blue Mountains today. My other daughters best friend, her brother and their father have also lost their home. Not even a brick left they … Continue reading

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The things you see on late night walks….

Well, it was an interesting evening walk with my daughter and the dog. There we were strolling down the street when up ahead I saw a parked car with its headlights on but the engine turned off. I thought for … Continue reading

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Giraffe girl, aggravating dishwashers and buffalo riding.

I measure my insomnia by the dishwasher, but that’s ok because we’re all a bit strange here. Tonight my daughter came in and announced “I am a third of a giraffe tall.” I can’t think where last I put that … Continue reading

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