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Ludovico Einaudi’s concert – Sydney 2013

I have not been to a music concert in years. Some people may find that strange, since I am a novice songwriter/musician and it’s so much a part of my life on a personal – keep me from going crazy … Continue reading

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How to “twerk”. (I urge you to learn.)

Well I’ve learned something new today. Twerking. I’ve only just discovered what this word means because of the flurry of Miley Cyrus gossip going on in regards to her (porno movie practise), ahem, “performance” at the MTV Video music awards. … Continue reading

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Warning! Not for those with weak stomachs.

Remember this picture. If you start to feel ill at any time, scroll up and look at the cute puppy. So today I look at my fourteen year old son and he is sporting these huge red lips. “Are your … Continue reading

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The Anaconda in the ensuite.

You didn’t really expect an image did you? Tonight I was met by the most horrifying sight in my ensuite. As I prepared to take a shower I happened to glance into the toilet and to my shock there lay … Continue reading

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On the edge of my patience. (Watching movies with ones spouse.)

Watching movies with my husband can be the most frustrating thing out. We have different tastes for a start… I love tense, on the edge of your seat psychological thriller movies. My favourite movie of all time, I think, is … Continue reading

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