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Wheels are rollin’……

YES! We’ve got a house! We move in next weekend. Oh my….all that stress, all that pain….but we’re ok now. I hope anyway. Who would have thought that in this day and age – in Australia that there would be … Continue reading

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Of life, love and marriage…

Today, instead of talking about food (thank God they say!) I want to simply meander around through distant and sometimes murky puddles in my head. A little fill in…. My parents divorced when I was ten years old and my … Continue reading

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Why Aussies should celebrate Christmas in July, not December.

I have lamented on the ludicrousness of our Christmas celebrations in the Australian summer time before. Bah humbug you say. Well, there’s good reason ok! I will explain. Christmas- as a date on the calendar really has very little to … Continue reading

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Hot and snotty.

The other day while at a market selling our candles a customer picked up a scent called “Australian bush”. I made the comment … “I don’t really know WHAT the Australian bush smells like….maybe like bushfires?” Actually, that’s what Christmas … Continue reading

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A juicy horror story.

I decided that as of New Years Day, I would begin a healthy eating plan. Note – not a “diet” because that is guaranteed to fail. Just the mere “D” word sends my fat cells into a major hyperventilating panic … Continue reading

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When mother comes to visit..

I haven’t blogged in a while and that’s because I’ve been in recovery…from Christmas, you understand. Just about all rum balled out now, nearly out of my chocolate coma and I’ve had so much ham that it’s a wonder I’m … Continue reading

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Santa Claustrophobia.

I feel suddenly overwhelmed by all this Christmas nonsense. Yesterday my husband and I ventured out to the shops and what I saw was disgusting. Happy people, doing happy shopping, loading their trolleys up with peace joy and love… I … Continue reading

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A wonderful life!

Yesterday my daughter convinced me to bring all the Christmas decorations upstairs and set everything up. I’ve been a bit slow this year, kind of dragging my feet on the whole Christmas thing, partly because I’ve been so busy and … Continue reading

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Sweaty woman ranting.

When people say “Oh I loooove summer!” I just want to punch them. Why? Tell me why? What is so damned good about sweat mustaches, having to make sure your armpits and legs are constantly shaved so you can wear … Continue reading

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