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A juicy horror story.

I decided that as of New Years Day, I would begin a healthy eating plan. Note – not a “diet” because that is guaranteed to fail. Just the mere “D” word sends my fat cells into a major hyperventilating panic … Continue reading

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Would you like a spoon with that?

It’s been a day of breasts. Really titty? Finished up the last of my Christmas shopping. Hey….where’s the throngs of people spending madly and stupidly? Seriously, there’s a real lack of people about this year, it seems. Maybe they’re all … Continue reading

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Sending good energy…

I have the most beautiful sister in the whole world, and when I say that I mean she is a beautiful PERSON as well as being beautiful on the outside. She’s fourteen years younger than me, which kind of sucks … Continue reading

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Do you look like your dog?

I feel for the owners of the above dog. Should you wear it or iron it? Is there even a dog IN there? We have two Sharpei’s. If you are not familiar with the breed they are those really weird … Continue reading

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The spider vein.

So my sixteen year old and I are out late, taking the dogs for a walk and she starts rattling on , as usual, and I find myself at the mercy of one of her little points of teenage angst. … Continue reading

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The perils of big boobs.

I’m going to write about boobs and that’s thanks to Rebecca – you can see her very fun and funny blog here (why can’t I get links to work?) I must admit, it took me a while to make … Continue reading

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