More mixed media dabblings with my photography.

So I had another go at this, using a photo I recently took of my eldest daughter Keira when we did a “tribal” sort of photoshoot.

I tried to take some photo’s of the process, but got caught up in it all and missed taking some pictures of some of the steps.  Hopefully though this might give an idea of how to approach this, for anyone who might be interested?

So here is the original photo of my daughter.  Keira tribal mode  sm

So I then cropped the image and painstakingly tried to figure out sizing and how to get our darn printer to actually co operate with me! (Me and machines just don’t mix!) Obviously if you want a better quality print you would go and get it printed properly, but personally I don’t mind the very matt appearance of images printed on normal paper….and besides, I’m still experimenting so I didn’t want to spend money getting photo’s printed and then have the whole project not turn out.

So this was the image I printed out and my blank canvas – just to give an idea of my starting point.

Then I started working on my canvas adding textures. I used textured cardboard, modelling paste, leaves, crumpled up tissue paper, and light fabric. Lots of glue…lots of mess! This is a bit of an indication as to how it looked before I painted it.


Now, because the canvas is very textured, you can’t just glue the printed (on thin paper) image straight on it or else there would be wrinkles galore. So I first, using adhesive spray, glued the image onto card stock – you can buy it at office works. She looked a bit funny all bald like that but I knew that I was going to create hair and a headpiece made from junk jewellery for her.


Then came my first coat of paint. Because she has orange kind of light on her face – we took the photo at sunset, I began with these warm tones. I also added some drips of alcohol ink and some dry brushed gold and brown paint just to get a feel for where I wanted the shadows and the highlights to be….. BUT…during the course of creating this I changed my mind several times and as I wanted her to look a bit like a Forest Warrior Queen I ultimately decided upon  greenish/brownish tones instead, with some highlights of turquoise. Unfortunately I didn’t get a shot of the repainted canvas before I began gluing all the bits on. Some traces of the orange still show through though if you look closely, which I like. I also like that you CAN change your mind and just paint over everything!


So, the most time consuming part of this is arranging all the bits and pieces…mostly junk jewellery, but there are flattened bottle caps, lace, buttons,washers…all KINDS of things that I used.  I used dark brown feathers for her hair.

All the bits and bobs were painted with brown spray paint first and then I brushed on highlights of gold,copper and turquoise metallic paint – that you can buy from Spotlight. Cost an arm and a leg for a small bottle, but you only use very small amounts of this as an accent really.

And this is the finished result. At least I “think” it’s finished! I could still go back and fiddle some more if I wanted to.
Oh and for the “twiggy branches” I used a hot glue gun to create these (drew them onto a plastic mat then peeled them off when they dried)  then painted them to blend in with the colour scheme and then carefully glued them on.

I hope this helps explain some of the steps I’ve used to create this 🙂

Keira forest tribal  sm

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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4 Responses to More mixed media dabblings with my photography.

  1. Ralph says:

    Who’s a clever girl then ? Brilliant work Tracy 😀 ❤

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