Our travels to England and Ireland (part 3 – Northern UK)

I haven’t bored you to death yet have I  ?

I forgot in the last part to mention that before we went to London we went to Stonehenge.   That’s saying something isn’t it.    If it were me, I’d have given it a miss but my husband insisted we go.

It was as I expected….the stones were far less impressive that any photographs, there were hundreds of tourist taking annoying selfies and everything was set up to be a tourist trap.   I took some obligatory photo’s anyway.


So, after London, because we enjoyed the Dartmoore moors so much we decided to travel up to see the Yorkshire moors, which I knew would be different, perhaps not as scenic, but we were to stay very close to Whitby which we’d heard was a lovely scenic seaside town.

This time we decided to whizz straight up the motor way instead of taking the back (hedge) roads which we were thoroughly sick of.   It still took us an entire day to get there.  Even on supposed two or three hour drives it STILL took us an entire day to get places because of our frequent toilet, food and photographic stops.

We drove in late through the misty moors and the classical station had haunting choral music playing making the experience that much more creepier.

Unlike the moors in Dartmoore, the Yorkshire moors were mostly flat and the foliage very dark, almost burnt looking.  In places and in certain lights it reminded me of what it looks like here in Australia after a bushfire.  Quite ominous and gloomy –   Just my cup of tea really.  Bearing in mind it’s out here on these moors where the infamous child killer duo, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley,  buried their victims, one of whom has never been found.

road mist moors sm

Moors fence 1 sm

The moors sm


Whitby was lovely. Just as I imagined a quaint little English seaside village to be and is apparently is famous for Dracula…..some scene in a movie was filmed using these steps…. The 199 steps.

199 steps

Whitby Abbey also is quite famous but the day we went it was closed so I took a photo from outside the walls.

Whitby Abbey  sm

The seagulls there, and indeed all over the UK and Ireland are enormous!  I don’t know what they are eating and never mind making off with your chips, these things could tear a small child from your arms.

Seagull2 sm

Some other various shots in Whitby…

whitby water  sm 2

Whitby street sm

Whitby lane  sm

Whitby boats

We also visited the beautiful Robin Hood bay which was very pretty and the walk down to the bottom had me snapping shots all over the place of all kinds of quaintness and cuteness.


Robin hood bay

Robin Hood bay street down 2 sm

Robin hood bay pretty street sm

Robin hood bay small house Richard sm

Robin hood bay lane way 1 sm

Robin hood bay street up sm

I saw this window and it made me laugh.  Would YOU stay here?

Holiday apartments

Now somewhere in amongst all of this when we were out traversing the countryside I took a photo that is still giving me goosebumps, and making me wonder.   What do you think of this?  A car came driving up the road ahead that looked exactly like this one…then I saw an exact same car following behind so I took a pic, just because the cars themselves looked unusual.  It was not till I got back to the room and looked on my laptop that I saw how ODD the people inside the vehicle looked.  The figure in the middle to me doesn’t even look REAL.   It looks like a mannequin don’t you think? The passenger looks like a young man dressed up in a sparkly dress, with a fancy black hat and looks to be wearing a pearl necklace.  The driver….well, the driver kind of looks like a serial killer, lol!   Weird hey.

Weird people in small car 2

Weird people in small car 2 sm  enlarged window

From Whitby we finally came to a decision about whether to do the lakes District or the Peaks.   We received so much conflicting opinion about this but settled on the Lakes.  As it turned out after nearly four weeks of amazing, unseasonably dry and warm weather this was to be the start of our introduction to the REAL late Autumn weather of the UK.  It turned absolutely horrible!

Fortunately we were able to visit one more amazing Abbey ruin before the rain and wind spoiled everything-  Rievaulx Abbey.

Abbey through tree's sm

_MG_9585  3  sm

Our final day was spent braving what felt like monsoonal rain and winds.  The roads were quickly becoming quite flooded in places and of course the spectacular landscape of the Lakes and the lakes themselves were shrouded in gloom, mist and constant heavy rain.    It was quite a hairy trip to be honest and I kept thinking we were going to get stuck between flooded roads and stranded there.

Lakes flooded car 1

Lakes house waterfall  sm

Miserable view of the lake shot quickly from inside the car.

Lakes skew pic

Lakes sheep flooding

What a trip!  It was amazing, frustrating, incredible and exhausting.

The endless supply of castles, fog, beautiful Autumn colours, quaintness, weirdness….all of it…just so well worth the long journey over there.

One last one for good measure.  One of my favourite fog pictures that I’m sure will be used later in a manipulation.

Castle fog




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I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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6 Responses to Our travels to England and Ireland (part 3 – Northern UK)

  1. No you’re not boring me, loving the photos and the travel log. The birds are called gannets, which believe it or not are related to boobies…I kid you not ☺️ When I was over there, as I ate like a proverbial piggie and my aunt would call me a gannet…not very nice, but years of therapy and I’m ok now. The people? In the car are very freaky, don’t know what to make of them! Love the photos of the village streets.

  2. laragarvie says:

    Loved this post. And the photos are incredible. England has such a misty look to it!

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