Ghosts : I am both a skeptic and a believer.

Last night Shai (my now 19 year old daughter) and I sat and had a long discussion for the first time about our experiences which occurred for a period of nearly two and a half years in the previous house we lived in.
Some of you may have read of a few of the experiences in my blog over the years.
I want to summarise them all in what I hope is a cohesive documentation of the events.

The house we live in now is completely devoid of any feeling or vibe or residual energy- whatever you may call it, and for the past three months absolutely nothing out of the ordinary has occurred.
This was not the case in the house we moved from.

The house was not at all ‘spooky’ in any way whatsoever.
It was a nice modern bright airy house that overlooked a beautiful lake in suburbia.

We had been living there for only a few weeks when the first strange incident occurred, and in the presence of a friend of mine.
After a day out we returned home when a small tennis ball “appeared” on the carpet in front of the kitchen sink.
One minute it had not been there and the next minute – there it was.
Nobody else was home.
It was not our ball, or my friends, or the previous tenants. Neither of my dogs played with balls and this one was small – one I would never have chosen to buy myself as it would be a choking hazard for them.
It looked brand new.
It was a mystery, but nothing sinister, just a bit…odd.

From that moment on things began to happen.

We heard footsteps- heavy boots walking on the wooden floors.
Doors would slam.
Bumps, bangs. Loud bangs like the noise a bird makes when it slams into a window….and yet there were never any stunned birds.
Crashes like a chair or barstool falling over on the wooden floor…but when we looked nothing would be amiss.

One night I woke in fright to the sensation of having been poked really hard in the arm.
An insistent poke intended to wake me up. The feeling lingered on my arm minutes after I sat up in bed expecting to see someone there.
Nobody was there.
Another time after falling asleep on the couch I woke to feel someone kicking the side of the couch really hard.
My daughter began telling me she felt as though someone was watching her in her bedroom.

A feeling came over the house. Both my daughter and I could sense it.
I can’t even describe it. A presence.

My mother came to stay overnight for the first (and only time.)
We didn’t dare mention a thing to her. Not a word. Not even a hint of what had been going on.
The next morning she complained and asked who it was that was clomping around the kitchen in the middle of the night.
“Sounded like someone in big heavy boots!” she said.
It was none of us and she knew it. She never paid another visit and told us “something is not right in that house.”

After a year of living there one of our dogs, only six years old, inexplicably went totally blind. Overnight.
She lived for a year like that but then began having seizures and we had to have her put down.

One day my daughter who was home alone walked into the kitchen and saw our cat lying on the wooden floor being “spun in circles by invisible hands”. The cat was distressed and meowing….My daughter couldn’t believe her eyes.
I couldn’t believe my daughter.

My eldest daughter came to house sit when we went on holiday and the cat suddenly began behaving strangely.
One night he was sitting on the end of her bed staring at her “with big round saucer eyes” she said….when he suddenly opened up his jaws really wide and showed all he teeth and then lunged at her.
(That gave me goosebumps writing it.)
For months he began acting completely out of his usual placid nature and actually began attacking us.
Chasing and biting us.
We even took him to the vet but they could find no physical reason for his odd behaviour.

One day a strange overpowering dead smell began emanating from the lounge room (I always felt a heaviness in that room in particular)
It was like the smell of something rotting.
We checked the roof cavity, under the house, every possible place a dead rat or possum could be but found nothing.
It was awful!
It lasted for about three or four days and then suddenly went away as quickly as it had come.

One evening my husband and I were sitting in bed when all of a sudden the ceiling fan above the bed began spinning. Slow circles, once, twice, three times and then it simply stopped still, as if a hand had stopped it’s motion dead.
“Did you see that!” I exclaimed.
My husband is a non believer.
“It was just a breeze.” he insisted.
Every single door and window was closed.

One night my daughter came in to me in a state…the first time I’d seen her truly terrified.
She described how as she lay in bed trying to fall asleep ,her laptop on her desk which was shut down, turned off, the lid closed, began to make a really loud noise as though the fan was on overdrive.
Simultaneously a large green orb floated above the desk and the green light it radiated lit up the entire room and had someone been standing outside she said, they would have seen the light streaming from the window.

Another time I had left my daughter downstairs in the garage to duck upstairs to get something when she came running back into the house shaken.
What she’d seen she said was like “special effects from a movie happening in real life”
A heat gun that had been sitting on the bench suddenly rose up 30 cm or more off the surface, hovered in the air for a few moments before dropping from the air back onto the bench top.

This scared me more than anything previously because it seemed to be escalating.
If an object could be picked up and dropped what else could be moved…or thrown?

We called somebody in to do a house cleansing.
I was skeptical but I couldn’t think what else to do.

Miraculously for quite some time things seemed to be calm.
The house felt “lighter”.

Shortly before we moved out things began happening again.

We saw phantom cats. Dark shapes of cats anyway.
Heard them too. Jumping off benches and thudding to the floor.
A friend heard something one time too. It wasn’t just us.

The final experience I had which is one I will never forget was when I saw a girl in a grey hoodie. A girl as real as you and I, walk up the front stairs, confidently, as though she was completely used to doing so – into the house. I heard and saw the screen door open and close… She came into the house and then simply… disappeared.
I searched the whole house. There was nobody there.

On the very last day I was there when I’d finished cleaning downstairs, I was alone and turned to the empty room and said “Well….goodbye house… we’re leaving you now.” and from upstairs a door slammed HARD.

I look back at these events and cannot believe they actually happened.
I find it hard to believe other peoples “ghost stories” because I am a skeptic.
There HAS to be a rational explanation and I always try to look for it first.
But in the light of all that happened over those two and a half years, I am a believer.
Never in my life have I known anything like it.
I cannot explain it, except to say that there appeared to be something not of this world, not of our understanding OF this world happening to us during that period of time.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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5 Responses to Ghosts : I am both a skeptic and a believer.

  1. I remember reading your adventures in your old place. They freaked me at the time and when reading again, the same thing. I am like you, I believe, the rotten smell had me concerned though as that is meant to be of demonic nature. Glad you are out and nothing attached itself to you in your move!

  2. Yikes. I don’t think I would have lasted as long as you! Honestly, as much as I find this stuff totally fascinating, it also scares the every living crap out of me.

  3. Ralph says:

    Wow ! Can I come out from behind the sofa now ? I hope your new place is happy and peaceful Tracy. 😀 ❤

  4. ksbeth says:

    i am completely open to the possibilities and have had a similar experience in a house i rented with my daughters when they were young.

  5. I don’t know how you managed to stay there. I can tell you sincerely that I would have been beyond spooked. I’m a great one for picking up “Vibes” but this was a bit more than that wasn’t it. Very glad you have moved. I just wonder what the story behind it all was

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