Musings on creativity.

I don’t know what other people do with the hurt that they have stored up inside.
I suppose some people are just able to “let it go”. They say they do anyway but part of me can’t quite believe this.
Maybe they are just better at digging holes and burying it and deep down there is a whole seething cemetery of hurt.
I can’t help think that one day….it’s going to blow- “And the dead shall walk the earth!” kind of thing, will happen.

What I have always done is to channel whatever emotions I am feeling into something creative. It’s just my way of coping and sorting through things.
It is an escape and escape is something us Pisceans in particular are very good at. We have to be or else we’d go mad or turn to alcohol or drugs for “escape”.

Over the years I’ve become a pretty good escape artist.
I’ve explored music and songwriting, tried my hand at many different crafts. Got into videography for a while which was fun…Tried painting, but failed miserably. They say cooking too is “creative” but oh God, I SUCK at that!
I can draw, a little, but nothing like my daughter who really is amazingly skilled.
I can write, and I think I would be a decent writer, if only I could find the discipline to finish things.
Then the photography bug bit, and even though I have in no way mastered it, in turn it (and my daughter) has led me into this new form of digital art – photo manipulation.

I recently asked a question on a site about this subject. “Why is it that many people seem to look down their noses at photo manipulation?” They view it as cheating somehow and because photoshop has been given such a bad rap because of the modeling industry etc.
Then it hit home the other day after reading something that photoshop was actually designed FOR creativity means!

Just like everything, the TOOLS change and what happens is that the insufferable creatives – the people who no matter what are driven to CREATE – do, by whatever means.

It explains why so many creative people, who by nature are terrible with LOGIC – usually, and wince at technology and fumble around with the most basic of modern day applications, are somehow able to adapt their dominant right brains and utilise these fancy fandangle complicated tools of today!

So many photographers, as I am discovering are VERY creative people and usually have other hobbies and passions in the artistic vein as well as their love for taking photo’s. Interesting, because the camera itself is technology.

It boggles the mind really.
What ELSE, in our future will there be that will leave, as an example, photoshop, behind in the dust?

Creative people will always find a way, no matter what is invented, to master and manipulate it in a way that allows them artistic freedom.
Just as primitive man snapped a twig and drew in the sand, the artists in the future will be utilising things WAY beyond our imagination to express their feelings and ideas.
How wonderful is that!

Ultimately art colours the world.
Creative people are often the IDEAS people.
Everything around us took creativity and vision TO invent.
Someone even has to come up with the creative ideas for what is printed on toilet paper. Remember that next time you’re sitting there…

I DO wish though that they would employ more CREATIVE people to come up with street names.

I will end this post with two of my latest pieces. Yes, I have a “thing” for hair over the face at the moment.
I’m sure I’ll get over it soon.

“The lost place”

LOST final  small

“Moving on”

Moving on edited small

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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6 Responses to Musings on creativity.

  1. Motivation … therapeutic value is just one of a million reasons
    why people want to create … the arts, sciences, lies or fantasies,
    “Fantasies are not frivolous. They can be entertaining, distracting,
    frightening, even arousing, but they also allow for creativity
    and help us plan for the future.” psychology today
    Don’t let the level of competency hinder you, it never hurt Grandma Moses,
    Just keep pushing the envelope, get outside of the box,
    do what makes you happy.
    Critics are those who what to but can’t do what others can.
    Great post, awesome pics … ME

  2. ksbeth says:

    beautiful – i think if everyone channeled the negative parts of their lives into something postive, like creativity, the world would a much more peaceful and happy place –

  3. I swear, you must be my long-lost twin. Reading this was like reading about myself. 🙂

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