The day I sat on a snake.

So we went out yesterday on a little drive through the country side. Classical music playing in the car…beautiful scenery, light conversation between hubby and myself.

We ended up in Dungog, which is more than a “little” drive but since we have a new second car now (for the kids to learn to drive on.) which is much cheaper on fuel we can allow ourselves the luxury of spending a whole day driving around aimlessly while I hop in and out of the car to take photographs.

Ordinarily I do not take risks. I am a very sensible non risk taker kind of person.
Basically – I am a coward.
But when I have a camera in my hand I become this “other person” who will not stop at anything to get a photograph.
I wonder what the statistics are for people with camera’s and the trouble they get themselves into. I bet it would be quite significant!

We live in Australia. It is summer here.
Summer means snakes and considering we probably have two thirds of the worlds most deadliest snakes all on one island, well, any sensible person would be thinking twice about walking through the long grass with nothing but sandals on!

If my kids told me they did this I would thwock them over the head with something.
“What WERE you thinking!….Snakes live in long grass! Long grass is SNAKEY! Don’t ever walk through snakey grass with only your sandals on….you nong!”

But…I walked through the snakey grass, several times yesterday simply because…( I am a nong ) – the camera made me do it!

Hubby of course stayed in the car happily reading his book while I was out there fending off snakes, and spiders and being sucked up to the armpits in mud.
He would NOT have known you know, if I had been swallowed up in a big sink hole of mud.
Not until he finished his book would he think “Gee, she’s been a while…I wonder where she is?” Meanwhile I’m halfway to China.

The only other time yesterday did he really acknowledge what I was up to was when I got back in the car and did the spider dance in my seat.

“Don’t be bloody bringing spiders in the car!” he said looking worried.

So it must have been in my subconscious about the snakes because later in the day when I had finished taking photo’s of a gorgeous run down old house, that I had my biggest heart attack moment EVER!

See, I got back in the car and was about to do up my seatbelt when hubby starts the car and begins to pull away from the side of the road.
It was at this moment that…. I “sat on a snake”.

I FELT it, underneath my bottom, in the car seat….MOVE….wriggle!
Squirm underneath my butt cheeks!
You have never seen anyone move so quick!
I threw the camera and in one deft movement I turned around and the top half of me became glued to the car roof while my backside found itself squished against the windscreen.
I might have even had one foot in hubbys lap, I don’t know, because I was so panicked that I could suddenly do advanced yoga!

A bloody SNAKE! And I just SAT on it!

Ok…you can breathe now…

You want to know what REALLY happened? Just so you can have a giggle?

The “snake” ( and I swear to God it felt like a bloody snake to my bum!) was the long grass that I accidentally slammed in the car door.
A big clump of it, and as my husband slowly pulled away from the side of the road the grass slid around under my backside.


I tell you what… I nearly needed a change of underwear.

Here is the picture of the tumble down old house where the snakey grass was…

Ramshackle shack  SMALL

Later in the day I had a lovely (thank goodness) encounter with the most beautiful white horse I have EVER seen.
I swear, this horse and I had a connection, and I’m not usually a horsey person because they’re big and have huge teeth and hard hooves and as you know I’m not a risk taker.
Must have been the camera in my hand again that did it but I spent quite some time talking to it and rubbing his/her face.

The horse genuinely looked upset when it was time for me to leave… (I thought anyway.)

Don't leave 4 subtle lighting effects  small

Such soulful eyes…

Horses eye 2  small

So, a lesson to you all out there.

Check for snakes – always, everywhere!
Then check for clumps of grass stuck in the car door.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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10 Responses to The day I sat on a snake.

  1. It’s cruel to snicker…but I’m snickering really loudly. Especially your description of when you baled from the car! The photo of the horse is stunning, they are incredibly intuitive animals…so yes there was a connection.

  2. purpldragon says:

    Great story! Also your photos are beautiful.

  3. ksbeth says:

    this is so funny and beautiful at the same time )

  4. Omg… I laughed so hard at this! I’m a photographer and cannot tell you how many moments like this I’ve had! I climbed into a deer stand once for the perfect angle during an outdoor boudoir session, and was stung by 17 hornets. (Yes, I kept shooting and ignored the pain for another hour.) 🙂

    • desertrose7 says:

      Geez! I bet that hurt! We are a crazy bunch aren’t we. The staff at ER’s must see us coming a mile away. “Don’t tell me….you were out taking photographs!”

  5. Ralph says:

    What a funny story ! Must have scared you silly ! Love the horse ! 😀 ❤

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