Getting settled in…

Well thank goodness the silly season is ALL over! A collective sigh of relief from everyone out there I imagine?
Now it’s on with the business of starting the new year.

If you’re anything like me you can find the start of the year to be a sometimes daunting thing. 365 days (less now) stretching ahead like an endless sea of blank pages.
Don’t get me wrong blank pages are SO exciting…oh the possibility! But…it can also be a bit difficult as you try and sort yourself out…Set new goals, make new plans, think of ways to fill those empty pages.

I always feel a little flat at the start of each year. As it is summer too I think this plays a part because of my hatred and ever increasing intolerance to the heat.
Summer for me is my least creative time and I think I get a bit of seasonal depression….Seasonal anger, seasonal.. “Becoming an irritable insane woman who bites the heads of everyone around me especially those who “looooooove” the heat.” (Rolling eyes!)
Bloody heat, bloody flies, bloody spiders, bloody blue sky and LIGHT….Ugggggh!
Summer should be banned. Struck off the calender forever! Sent back to hell from whence it came!

I digress.

We are not going on our big long awaited trip to Ireland and the Uk as planned for next month for a whole month. 😦
I’m disappointed. SO disappointed. Just disappointed from the standpoint of escaping this bloody horrible SUMMER!
Our house move chewed up more financially than we’d of liked but more importantly our elderly dog now requires more supervision than before – wouldn’t feel comfortable leaving him with the kids – and it is simply just not the right time for such a huge trip. Besides, we wouldn’t have had all that exciting pre trip build up of anticipation time which is sometimes just as good as the holiday itself!
This move has been hell with no time for planning a major trip such as this.
But never mind! We WILL do it, same time next year probably.

So….for now ahead of me is a great big maw….Don’t you love that word?
1. The mouth, stomach, jaws, or gullet of a voracious animal, especially a carnivore.
2. The opening into something felt to be insatiable.

The “Maw” of the new year…. Hungry for “something” -I just don’t know what yet.

Speaking of maws…That word came to mind yesterday when we went for an exploratory walk in a nearby neck of our NEW woods.
A totally miserable rainy day but I wanted to get out now that the house is all set up and organised.

So we went to the Fernleigh track which is near Belmont because I’d read about a tunnel that looked deliciously photo worthy.
And I found the “maw”…

Tunnel maw sm

An entrance just begging to be explored.
It was an old coal train line which went through this tunnel. That’s all I could find out though. You could see the evidence of coal dust staining each side of the walls.

Inside the tunnel…Man how awesomely creepy is this!

Tunnel 1 sm

And this!

Tunnel curve 2

And this…

Tunnel 2 sm

Tunnel straight sm

One last one…The “light at the end of the tunnel.”

Light at the end of the tunnel sm

Ahh! Love it! In fact I think I now have a tunnel fetish and am looking for others to explore. I think there is one down south somewhere…Hmm.

This is my plan so far… To explore more of my creativity.
To travel…short trips away. Hubby needs to use up his holidays and we need the time alone together.
To start selling all the things my daughter and I made last year but couldn’t sell at Christmas because of the move.
To find inner peace. As always, my quest.

And I’ll leave you with this image I created which to me represents “peace”.
Being enveloped in the light of all that is good and positive and tranquil.
I hope this light will find YOU.

Bathed IN LIGHT 2 sm

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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9 Responses to Getting settled in…

  1. Ralph says:

    Hi Tracey 😀 I am so pleased that your move is over with and that you’ve found a new fetish …… tunnels ! The last picture is amazing when clicked on the large size. Love the hair ! Please send me some of your heat. I like hot ! ❤ xox

    • desertrose7 says:

      Thanks Ralph. My daughter is proud of her hair….took her 19 years to get it that long. Up until she was about sixteen it would NOT grow past shoulder length. Take the heat…..take it, take it take it!!! 🙂 Hope you’re doing well Ralph.

  2. ksbeth says:

    worth it for now to be settled and love your discovery and the pics )

  3. utesmile says:

    Please send some heat and sunshine over… to rainy and stormy Britain…. I love the heat because we don’t get enough here! Shame about your trip but I am sure you find lots of other exciting things to do!

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