Another chapter… “Ugly desks and old mirrors.”

I’ve often wondered what it must be like for other people who have lived in the same house for years and years, perhaps their whole life, to be able to remember things/events, experiences because for me, having moved house countless times my memories are jogged by where I was living at the time and they are all like mini chapters of my life.
I think the longest I/we have ever lived in one house is nine years and that was a miracle (cheap rent helped too.)

I actually like moving house. It is an opportunity for a thorough cleansing. Out with the old….(The new always comes again in the next place I settle my wings.)
I must admit, I am not very connected to “stuff”. Not sentimental at all really. I have a lot of it, and of course there are some things that are particularly special to me but I can easily part with “stuff”. (Unlike my husband!)

I love finding a new house… Exploring it, getting used to the new light and atmosphere, smells and sounds that houses inevitably have. Feeling some of the residual “energy” left behind…
This PARTICULAR house, well, it has brought more than it’s fair share of “interesting” experiences and although at times I’ve been scared silly, it’s also been a lovely place to live…BUT…. It seems now it is time to leave. Farewell my ghosty friends!


Wow, I think I started this blog when we moved in here, so it’s been two years.
To be honest for a short time now I have been feeling the anticipatory urge that precedes a move. Now it is inevitable.
We have to be out by January. But AGGGHHHHHHH! We have this major overseas trip to the UK booked now. What sucky timing.
Never mind. What will be will be.

So right now I am like a woman possessed! A massive clearing out is happening in my house and since my hubby is away overseas…well, it’s a MARVELOUS time to be getting rid of things he will never know I have gotten rid of! HA!

I got rid of his desk today.
I advertised it on gumtree saying “Massive ugly desk with matching ugly chair – FREE!” It had about 450 views before someone finally plucked up the courage to come get it.
Honestly, it WAS ugly.
A dingy rosewood colour, with a glass top (I hate glass tops) – ENORMOUS in all it’s hideousness and it had a slight bend in it at one end like it was like a desk that couldn’t make up its mind whether or not it wanted to be a corner desk or not.
ODD and ugly.
My husband always buys HUGE things. Big cars, big salt and pepper shakers, big desks….

Anyway so these people came to pick it up tonight after stuffing me round for a few days.
Absolute BOGANS, but nice people all the same.
If you don’t know what a bogan is…think tattoo’s, singlet tops, “rough as guts” kind of demeanor and often sporting a mullet haircut.

I tell you what, getting this damn desk out of here was an experience. I’ve never worked up such a sweat. (I TOLD them to bring TWO very strong men!) but no…there was mama bogan and son bogan, so of course I had to help.

I don’t know HOW my husband got this desk inside this house because it’s full of twists and bends – the house , not the desk. Somehow he always manages to solve the puzzle of how to get large objects to fit through doorways and hallways. All from his experience loading trucks when he worked in the music industry I guess.
I just wanted to take a damn axe to this stupid desk in the end!

Finally we managed it… The people were happy. I was happy…the house feels much BIGGER without the desk.
Free and deskless. Wonderful!

Oh, and don’t worry…hubby was aware that I was getting rid of it. I couldn’t hide THAT from him. It would be rather obvious that something more than half the size of the room was “missing”.
He is dealing with the loss as well as can be expected.

Before I go, I have to tell you something exciting.

Last year (I think it was) I found an old antique looking mirror on the side of the road during a curbside collection.
It’s rather “deceased estate” looking. Quite ornate but rather unattractive I think, but something about it whispered to me to take it home.
I did have plans of turning it into something shabby chic. Painting the ugly glass flowers and trim white, which is broken in places…
I did google to see what sort of mirror it might be, just in case it WAS of any value, and came across some references to “Venetian mirrors” but I thought nah…no one would throw something of that sort of value away?

Well…it turns out that this IS an Antique Venetian mirror! I sent a picture to an antique dealer today and they said YES….it is!

Wow! I googled and saw some that are worth like eight or ten thousand good nick of course.
This wont be anywhere near that price because it needs restoring, but still… might just bring in a few much needed extra dollars!

This is what it looks like. Kind of “Mirror mirror on the wall” – ish.
Old mirror

We will see 🙂

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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6 Responses to Another chapter… “Ugly desks and old mirrors.”

  1. Ralph says:

    Whew ! What a lot of news ! I bet you were glad you didn’t customise that mirror into a wing mirror for a pink VW camper van 😉 Happy days Tracy ! xox ❤

  2. ksbeth says:

    i was sweating just reading about moving the behemoth of a desk and what a lucky find in that mirror. off to your next house adventure soon!

  3. releaf1954 says:

    What a lot of exciting news! I have to say that I don’t know what a brogan is and I don’t know what a singlet top is, either, but with the tattoos and the mullet, I think I get the picture. 🙂

  4. utesmile says:

    Your life is certainly not dull… always something to do and sort! Good luck with everything. Great time to get rid of ugly stuff… Love the way you write it! 🙂

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