Hi, I’m alive! (Some photographs of my meanderings…)

Hi….I am not dead but I AM sick in bed with what feels like the start of a cold or flu…so I thought this a suitable time to find my way back here and post something.
I think I’ll post some pictures since that has been my recent activity worthy of any mention.

I took THIS picture today in fact because I was so bored and needed to do something other than feel sorry for myself.

I think snails can be quite beautiful and they make good subjects although I must admit some are a bit camera shy and others are a bit comatose.

Snail 3  small

Not so long ago hubby and I went on a weekend away because he has so much work travel coming up and we needed some alone time. Unfortunately he became really sick with this cold or flu thing…..hence why I am now sick. But I did get some photo’s anyway even though he was dying in the car.

This is Lithgow Blast furnace. One of my favourite ruins to photograph. There are not many ruins to take pictures of these days.

RUINS with  bricks small

Blast furnace puddle small

Blast furnace through the crumbling walls SMALL 2

We went for a meander up through Jenolan caves very early one morning and I was stunned to come across this beautiful blue pool – made so by the limestone. So magical and enchanting!

In blue pools 2 small

As I squatted down to take pictures I was unaware that right next to me was a duck who looked at me with one eye as if to say “Get on with it then! I’m not bloody moving at this hour of the morning!”

Duck sleeping small

Then we went on to explore Oberon and its surrounds. Lots of pine plantations there and we struck fog even though by then it was later in the morning. I LOVE fog and these pictures were particularly apocalyptic taken in an area that had been logged. Quite sad really because we saw dozens of dead wombats on the side of the road. Forced out? Hit by logging trucks?

Tree roots Black and white small

If you look close you’ll see a goat in this one.

Tree root 2 black and white small

More gloomy fog on the dirt road as we made our way to Kanangra walls- a lookout.

The fog 1  small

Then we found the look out. These types of places don’t do much for me personally. Seen one wall of rock, seen ’em all. If there had of been some fog THERE or a big eagle soaring across the sky it would have piqued my interest but as it was all I had to work with was my hubby standing FAR to close to the edge for my liking!

Richard edge 2 small

On the way back I took a few pics of the lovely moss. I like moss as much as I like fog but it does start to get a bit “green” after a while.

Moss on rocks with tree trunk small

Mossy rocks 3 small

And before you become queasy with all the green I’ll leave you with this little splash of colour in the pine forest. I love fungi too….

Fungi  small


About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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14 Responses to Hi, I’m alive! (Some photographs of my meanderings…)

  1. Jenolan Caves took me back, your photographs are stunning, the snail one especially. Glad that you are still alive.

  2. ksbeth says:

    You truly have an eye and a gift for photography. Happy to see you again, even if it was under duress. Hope you’re feeling better soon )

    • desertrose7 says:

      Thank you Beth. That means a lot to me. There are so many AMAZING photographers out there and sometimes I look at mine and feel like I’m such an amateur….but I still love experimenting anyway 🙂

  3. releaf1954 says:

    I love your beautiful photographs — and I’m glad you’re still alive. I hope you feel better soon.

  4. Ralph says:

    I’m late in commenting Tracy ! By now you are probably as fit as a fiddle, well, I hope so ! Love the pool photo. What a magical place ! xox ❤

  5. Hi Tracy, Love the pics on your blog and was hoping to reproduce the excellent one of the Lithgow Blast Furnace on mine. I am an Australian, born in Lithgow, and currently living in rural Serbia and I’m writing a post on how the woods here remind me of the Hammer horror films I enjoyed as a kid/teenager. Part of the ‘story’ is seeing a double-bill at the Theatre Royal one Sunday night and missing the last bus home and having to walk the final section, which passed the ruins, home alone at round about midnight. Of course the ruins can look spooky and in my horror film filled mind they were just like the Gothic castle in the movie I had just seen. Anyway, your photo has an eerie quality that would help to illustrate that anecdote and I would of course credit it in the way you would like. Thanks in advance and all the best, Ian. Sorry for the long comment but wanted to explain in full.

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