I saw a ghost!

Or at the very least, something I just cannot explain.

Ok, I’m going to be really cool about this. No hysterics, no freaking out, just calm and collected….

I was sitting on my bed today. (Broad daylight) I can see directly to the front veranda from there as there are big glass sliding doors with wooden venetians.
The door and blinds were open to let the breeze in.
My view from the bed includes the top of the veranda stairs which lead directly to the front door.

I saw a figure which I immediately sensed was female because she was short-ish and small framed wearing a light grey hoodie walk up the stairs, directly to the front door.
When I say I “sensed” it was female….I just couldn’t see her face or hair, just saw a person, as real as any person I’ve ever seen but couldn’t see who it was because of the hood – and she walked quickly, with purpose, like she was quite comfortable walking into our house.

I saw her reach for the screen door, heard and saw it open….heard it close behind her…
My bedroom doors were ajar so I waited to see the person walk past into the kitchen /living area…
I was watching to see WHO it was because I thought it was odd that they were wearing a hoodie like that…..all covering up their entire face as though they were really cold.

My immediate thought was that it must be my daughters friend Toni because she’s staying here for a few nights….and besides myself she is the only short -ish person in the house… Everyone else are giants, even my fifteen year old son now towers above me.
I thought maybe Toni had gone out to her car to get something….
But nobody walked past my bedroom doors and the only other room to go into is the front lounge room.
That’s usually my sons hangout ….but I knew it couldn’t be him because the person I saw was short and “appeared” to be female.

All of this, seeing it, thinking, pondering – the whole thing was mere minutes….and before I had a chance to get up and go and see if it was my son, my husband suddenly appeared walking up the steps. He too came inside the front door but I DID see him walk past my room.
Ok, so it must have been my son, I thought…

I went into the lounge room, and there was nobody there.
So I went into the kitchen to see which one of them was wearing the grey hoodie.
All four people were in the kitchen. Toni, Shai, my husband and my son.
NONE of them was wearing a grey hoodie.
“Is there someone else here?” I asked
(My daughter HAD had a bunch of friends over earlier in the afternoon.)
No…everyone had gone. I knew that.
Nobody else was here. (trust me, I checked.)

And THEN I freaked out!

As unbelievable as it sounds, plain as day, as real as any real person, I watched a girl in a grey hoodie walk into my house, heard and saw the screen door close and then seemingly “disappeared” into thin air.

This is the second time in my lifetime that I think (can’t come up with any other explanation) that I have seen a ghost.

I know it’s unbelievable. I understand the skepticism. I know it looks suss because I am INTO all things of this nature, the mysterious, the ghostly….and heck, I just posted up photo’s today showing that I do enjoy delving into these more “dark” things.
I swear though, I am not embellishing anything that I write here on this blog about the very strange happenings that have occurred ever since we moved here.

In fact, just a few days ago I had a friend over…and thank God….finally a witness! We were sitting talking in the kitchen when we both (including the dog that was under my feet at the table AND my husband who was in the next room) heard something fall to the ground and make a thud. It set the dog off barking and my friend and I searched the room and ajoining rooms to see what had fallen (sounded rustly like a plastic bag hitting the floor) and there was nothing to be found anywhere!

I want to know WHY we are seeing, hearing and experiencing so MUCH of this stuff?

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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13 Responses to I saw a ghost!

  1. Ralph says:

    That’s strange Tracy. That’s normal for you then !! 😉 hehe. ❤ xox

  2. ksbeth says:

    i rented a house when my daughters were young and i was a single mom and we discovered that we lived with a poltergeist who had a sense of humor and would do all sorts of mischief making things. ended up not being scary at all, and we named it pat, after our irish landlord.

    • desertrose7 says:

      Sounds interesting Beth. Might be a blog post in that ? I’d love to read more of your experiences…
      I’m unclear really as to what a poltergeist really is. Is it a ghost or spirit or is it energy manifested by people themselves? I don’t know . I don’t even know what is going on here. It’s all a bit mind boggling.

      • ksbeth says:

        it is, and i am fascinated by it, but unsure of what is what exactly. just know it wasn’t scary, more of a prankster most times and perhaps i’ll write about it one day –

  3. Firstly, you a one of those people who, if they say they saw something, I would take that seriously. I consider you, from your posts at least, to be a seriously grounded and sensible person with pleasingly nutty attributes. That being the case, I can say you saw what you saw and have every reason to be spooked by it. I’m not sure if that happened in your actual home, and I’m hoping it didn’t. I’d be very interested to know how you have addressed the situation

    • desertrose7 says:

      Sorry for being very slack and not replying sooner!
      “seriously grounded and sensible person with pleasingly nutty attributes. ”
      Ha! I like that 🙂

      Yes it DID happen in my house. I have been freaked out ever since, but nothing else happened LIKE THAT. Have had a few other minor “weird” things happen though but nothing that I couldn’t dismiss or rationalise. That experience takes the cake.

  4. Chowderhead says:

    Awesome. Love this stuff. I have an old video on youtube that I just uploaded recently. I was screwing around with my camera and heard a little girl say “mommy”. Cross my heart, I didn’t edit this. Check it out though – it’s indisputable. It happens between the 5-6 second marker. Turn up the volume, and no, this is not a scare video – promise \m/

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