Quest for zest!


Today marks the first day of my raw foods detox…I won’t say “diet” because I hate that word.
Raw food….cleanse.
I was inspired after watching a documentary called “Fat, sick and nearly dead.”
Not that I think I’m fat sick or nearly dead but I sure have lost my zest, my oomph, my zing!
Quite frankly I feel as though I need an inner spring clean!

This documentary was about an Aussie guy who was plagued with an auto immune inflammatory condition affecting his skin and was put on all kinds of medication until finally he took matters into his own hands and radically changed the way he ate, starting with a 60 day juice fast.
Now, quite frankly I think that’s a bit excessive for a detox, really and I wouldn’t do that myself but I can see the value of a detoxing “cleanse”…for a week lets say?
But…this guy healed himself – I mean completely reversed his condition, lost a tonne of weight while he was at it and other fat sick and nearly dead people followed, and lived to tell the tale.
If he hadn’t he would of been forced to live the rest of his days chugging down bottles and bottles of pills, feeling less than optimally healthy I might add.

If you are even in the least bit interested in the state of your own health you should watch it I reckon.

Here’s the link.

I really do truly believe that health starts with the foods we eat and even if you THINK you eat fairly healthy you might just be unaware of just how many additives, preservatives and processes that have taken place to get your food to the supermarket shelf.
Basically anything that is in a bottle, can, jar, packet or box, or sealed plastic container has been processed or altered in one way or another and this is just not good news for our health.
What we end up with, even with what seems to be “healthy foods” are nutritionally compromised foods.
Sugar is the biggest culprit. Sugar is in almost everything!

Just take a look at the word disease. Dis – ease.
Things out of balance….out of whack, that’s what causes most disease – by creating an environment where your body cannot fight the good fight to retain it’s state of health.

Food in its raw whole state contain all the nutrients our bodies need, to heal, to stay balanced.
Real food….whole food. Fruit and veggies principally…..nuts and seeds….beans, legumes…plant foods!
Why doesn’t our culture/society SEE this?
It’s really not rocket science.
Why is it that we are a society driven by the urge to take a pill for everything that ails us, rather than seek it out in natures enormous medicine cupboard?
And for every single prescription medication we take there is a side effect.
Sometimes the side effect is what makes whatever ails us “feel better” but don’t be fooled, every single pill is putting stress on our liver and kidneys. Small, perhaps but combined with all the other chemicals and additives we are consuming or absorbing from our environments…well, is it any wonder that we feel tired and sluggish and perhaps zest- less?

We’re duped, I say.
We’ve been convinced that the medical world knows best, when really it’s mostly about the pharmaceutical companies.
The bad health of our nations are a money making business!
Seriously! Just look at what white refined sugar is doing….to our children’s health! Do they care? Are they really honestly doing anything more than simply saying “tut tut…if you eat too much sugar you’ll end up with diabetes.”
Don’t get me wrong. Doctors do an amazing job, most of the time, but when it comes to nutrition they are completely lacking in the extensive knowledge that is needed. Either that or they are just completely apathetic about the role of diet when it comes to optimum health.

Some say raw food is best. Raw foodists are sometimes a bit extreme for me.
I’m not sure. I mean, I’m sure we should probably eat far more raw foods than what we do – like the caveman did 🙂 but I don’t think cooking is necessarily all evil. Sometimes it is necessary!
But….it makes sense that nutrients are lost when we cook things. Especially when *I* cook things because I really do KILL it…completely dead.
I like the idea of a raw food cleanse….because oy….I don’t have to cook!

Surprisingly my dear darling husband who is a foodaholic….really obsesses over food (and overeats on a regular basis!) has joined me today on this raw food cleanse and hey….he’s even been drinking my green juices! Hallelujah! Even the army green one I made this morning.

BUT….he is cranky as hell.
Oh my, I can feel it building.
I don’t know how long he will last but I feel a major hubby tantrum coming to this household soon!

I thought *I* might pike out seeing as last year I did try a juice fast and didn’t even last the day. Just made me feel weak and sick.
This time I’m doing it differently and including some raw foods as well as juices.
Seems to be working much better although I must admit I’ve had a headache all day – I think because I’ve cut out all my cups of tea, bar two. One in the morning and one in the evening.
Hey, I’m not perfect!
I haven’t been overly hungry though and really haven’t eaten all that much. A few pieces of fruit, a salad consisting of baby spinach, fancy lettuce, cucumber and tomato and for dessert some fruit pulp I saved from the juicer.

Look, I don’t want to live till I’m ninety….I don’t necessarily want to be super thin….All I want is to feel BETTER than what I have done for the last seven years or so since my body has become unbalanced….for whatever reason.
Doctors haven’t helped me. They’ve just chucked prescriptions at me, looked at the test result numbers and said “everythings normal” when that is so absolutely not what my body is telling me!

So…..we’ll see how this goes hey.
For now the crafting might be put on hold since I’m spending every spare minute chopping fruit and vegetables, cleaning all fifty nine components of the damn juicer, running to the bathroom to pee, and grazing on grapes.

Wish me luck!

PS…..Seriously I don’t know how long I will last, but hey, at least I’m trying!

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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12 Responses to Quest for zest!

  1. Good luck!!! I did a whole foods detox for a week last year and it was a really good exercise. Basically cut out anything that came in a bottle, jar or packaging, or had any salt or sugar in it. Surprisingly, like you say, MOST things have sugar or salt in them, if not all! I got the WORSE headaches for the first couple of days but felt really good by the end of it.

  2. I watched this and decided to do the juice diet. One week of veg & fruit juices, after day 3 all I wanted to do was eat, I could have but I felt guilty about chewing. I felt very energetic but glad when the week passed. Good luck I am sure you will do fine, if not even a few days is good. Just keep up the variety.

  3. Good luck with the diet thing. I a bit of a fan of much raw veg, so I would actually love a plate of raw snap peas. Mind you, I’d lay off the spuds, but would they be in a diet anyway

    • desertrose7 says:

      Definitely no spuds….not raw 🙂 Actually even sweet potato, which I thought maybe I could eat raw – tastes a lot like carrot, apparently is not a good thing to consume raw in large amounts. Peas are hard to find these days unless they are snow peas. I guess no one can be bothered shelling peas in this day and age. I remember getting peas for my grandmother from her veggie garden…..half would be gone by the time I got to the kitchen 🙂

  4. ksbeth says:

    best of luck on all of this, it sounds like you are motivated and should do well. keep us posted )

  5. I hope you will achieve your goals successful.A 1000 mile journey begins with the first step.Thank you so much for the likes on few of my posts.Warm regards.jalal

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