Altered “magic potion” bottles.

I have seriously been crafting like a madwoman, non stop, several projects on the go all in various states of paint drying, glue drying, being wrapped and hammered and tizzed all at once.

This altered bottle thing has seriously taken my fancy and I cannot stop, in fact last night I MADE my dear darling husband drink the last of some Wild turkey just so I could have the bottle.
“Open something else darling….come on, you know you want a drink!”
Damn… too bad he RARELY drinks, and neither do I these days, and lets face it I don’t think altered wine casks would do now would they.

I know I just need to go up to the local pub and ask if I can (dig through their bins) please have some of their empty bottles, but in the meantime I put a request on Freecycle – and if you haven’t already heard of Freecycle, google it as I’m sure it’s a worldwide thing. Basically it’s to keep things out of landfill – which I’m all for!

So this kind lady offered me ten little bottles and she lives close by so that was good.
Triangular bottles.
Hmm, what was I to do with tiny 100 ml triangle bottles?

Well this is what I did!
I turned them into mini magical bottles.
Kind of remind me of gypsies potion bottles (snake oil?) or something. Bohemian anyway, I think.

Magic bottlessmall

They were SO much fun to make and a good way for me to use up some of the balls of embroidery thread – which I never use!

Then, today I made use of some other things lying around….
I had bought a stack of these small square photo frames cheap – like $2 each. I’ve had them for ages!
Just raw pine but each corner had a tin piece with a bit of a design stamped in it. But…the corner pieces were painted, blue, or green and I didn’t like them.
So, off came the corner pieces and to my delight the underneath side was nice and rusted.
I LOVE rust!
So…. I hammered them flat. Stained all the pine frames….not with wood stain though. No, I have a very cheap and easy way to stain raw wood using a tiny bit of black acrylic paint thinned with water (especially for that weathered look) and I mix in some Parisian essence – which is stuff you buy in the supermarket to make your gravies a rich brown colour.
Well, I never use it in my cooking…nope, it’s a craft item now.
In fact I don’t even tea stain fabric anymore, I use Parisian essence!

So after all my four frames were dry I glued them together, then used the flattened rusty bits of tin to join them together.
Hey presto…a very nice RUSTIC photo frame.
The problem is, I really like it, and I have enough frames to do another one, and then I have two very good walls that would love to host them…and oh God,I’m SUPPOSED to be making all these things to sell, but I LIKE them!

Anyway, here is the rustic frame…
Came up pretty good don’t you think?

Rustic frame 2

On another note….I am VERY frustrated!
I’ve been looking around to join a craft forum and I just cannot find any decent ones. By decent I mean ACTIVE ones.
There used to be tonnes of them. Now everyone seems to have gone to Pinterest or Etsy or other avenues where it’s less social and more jut about self promotion.
I like to chat, and exchange ideas, and help with tips(if I can) or ask for tips!
You know….just a community of crafters with the same interests. Creating “stuff” can be a very isolating hobby.
I’m lonely….waaaah!

The only active craft forum I can find can’t seem to get it’s act together and hurry up and activate my membership!
So…if anyone happens to read this who knows of a really active, helpful, friendly crafters site I would LOVE to know.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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13 Responses to Altered “magic potion” bottles.

  1. hmm I don’t think I can hep you love. Nuts for Treasure (Eunice) in America makes her own jewellery and stuff and blogs about it. I’m not crafty – not in that sense at least. The bottles look beautiful and the frame is wonderful, you have been a busy girl. Get yourself out there woman!

  2. utesmile says:

    Your stuff is beautiful, you are so creative and if it means drink a bit so be it.:-) There must be a forum out there with like minded people like you…. you just haven’t found it yet. Do continue and show us your results please!

    • desertrose7 says:

      Thanks Ute. I certainly will be posting as more stuff evolves. I will stumble on the right forum eventually I guess. If not, well….I’ll just keep on carrying on.

  3. ksbeth says:

    these are all wonderful and kind of your husband to accommodate. hope you find your like-minded people soon. what city do you live in within australia?

  4. Ralph says:

    Hi Tracy 😀 Have a look at Megan’s blog. She makes lovely things for next to nothing.
    Ralph xox 😀

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