Karma and the suitcases.


I’m a pretty honest person.
Ok, so there have been times when I’m sure a checkout person has undercharged me by a few dollars, and maybe in that instance I might let it go because I know for SURE there have been times I’ve been slightly overcharged, so in my whacky perception of Karma I figure THAT situation kind of balances itself out in the long run.

The other day we went out to buy a suitcase. My daughter was going to lend us hers but of course, their house burned down 😦
We looked in a few luggage shops but they were all pretty pricey so along the way we stopped into the Reject shop. (Not sure if they have them overseas or not – just cheap stuff, nothing fancy but affordable.)
They had a set of suitcases for $55. Wow, bargain! Probably only last one or two trips but hey, that’s cheap! I’m no travel snob. I don’t need fancy luggage.

So my husband paid for them then took them to the car. On the way out he threw away the receipt.

When we got home I unzipped the largest suitcase to unpack the others which were all packed one inside the other and that’s when I realised that all the separate cases had price tags!
In fact, in total all the suitcases should have come to around $155 , not $55. That was just the price of the largest one!

Well, immediately my daughter and I both thought the same thing.
“This is not right. ”
Our moral compasses it seems were on the same page.

“We have to take them back.” I said to my husband who was grumbling about their staffs ineptitude, the cost of driving back to the shopping centre….the time, the effort, all because of THEIR mistake!
Well, I understand that, but still, it’s not right and although we didn’t INTENTIONALLY “steal” the suitcases, it still for some reason felt like stealing, because we now knew of their mistake.

So for the past few days I have been STRESSING about these damn suitcases!
It seemed unlikely that they would give us the $55 back, when we have no receipt. In fact, it would probably appear very ODD to them that somebody would want to return something when they’ve gotten such a “great deal”.
How would I explain to them that in this circumstance I just feel like these suitcases are now just a bad omen…a jinx…because we didn’t pay what we SHOULD have. Not that we WOULD have, because you could get a set of suitcases cheaper on Ebay, which would probably be better quality.
I know. We’re tight. Some people would pay twice that amount just for ONE suitcase.

So I tried phoning them a couple of times but nobody answered the phone.
Damn things… sitting in my bedroom looking all bad Karma like…
What to do, what to do… I have been feeling impatient because I want to begin sorting out what to pack.

So finally this morning I tried phoning again and let the phone ring and ring and ring, for AGES.
Finally someone answered and I explained the whole situation.
The girl on the phone laughed, but she seemed to understand my predicament.
“We’re travelling see…” I said.
“I just feel this is bad Karma so I want to return them and let you know that your staff has made this mistake because you haven’t got ALL the suitcases out on display so people can see all the separate prices.”

I felt like a bit of an idiot really, but she checked with the manager, and yes it’s fine for us to return them, even without the receipt and they will give us back the $55.

I know, I know….I stress over silly things, but really when it comes down to it, in this instance when it’s not just a few extra dollars, but a significant amount…well, you just have to do the RIGHT thing hey….especially to avoid a plane crash or something.


So, back to square 1.
I still can’t start packing.
I know it’s still a while before we leave, but I like to pack (and unpack, and repack, and unpack and pack) several times in preparation. It’s just what I do, and then I STILL end up packing way too much!

God, we haven’t even left yet and I feel overwhelmed.

Oh, and I feel I have to mention this too, just so it’s all down in black and white, to hopefully UN jinx another possible jinx. (I know, I’m just plain weird.)

My daughter, the one who’s house burned down in the fires, well get this…
She works in a renal unit. One day a patient she was attending to suddenly stared off into space and began telling her “things”.
She told my daughter she could see a house with a for sale sign on it and a cross was through the sign.
Ok, so their house wasn’t actually for sale at the time but to my way of thinking a cross is a sign of negativity. And the fact that it was ON a sign… taken literally IS a sign. To me it was just a total sign of “bad things” associated with a house.
And then their house burned down!
Well, you can’t convince me otherwise…that was just uncanny!

She also told my daughter that she saw a plane with US on it. Ok, so my daughter isn’t going to the US but WE are, almost her entire family!
But there was no cross through the US…I hope! But still, I wonder why she saw that. What does this mean? Just coincidental? Means nothing, she just saw something pertaining to my daughters family, us..or …

Can you tell I’m a nervous flyer?

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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8 Responses to Karma and the suitcases.

  1. ksbeth says:

    yes, just a little. i went to the reject shop when i was in bunbury this summer, you never know what you’ll find there. you’ll be happy to know that the states are fully in fall season, with not too much light, just beautiful leaves.

  2. Ralph says:

    Good luck with your packing Tracy 😀 Ralph xox 😀

  3. You may be a ‘jumpy’ flier but you are very unlikely to get hurt as you know. I’m now muddled, which is easily done with my brain, I know, but you got the suitcases too cheap because they miss-read the labels, and then they are going to give you back your $ 55.00. I’m now going to post this, and then re -red it and find I’ve got the wrong end of the stick. I am pleased to see your little yellow chum on here, My one is very unhappy you didn’t say hello to him. Ok, perhaps you are going to buy the suitcases from elsewhere. Still a bit muddled: coffee anyone?

    • desertrose7 says:

      Yes, the suitcases were sold to us too cheap and because of “travel karma” (I just read an article and it seems I didn’t alone make that concept up!) we must now return them and get our money back and order much more expensive suitcases online….because it is the “right” thing to do! Make sense? 🙂

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