Our family outback adventures (Part 3)


Thanks so much to the people who have been watching and commenting. I know your time is precious and not many want to actually sit through watching longer than average video’s, so I do very much appreciate it!

So here we are in Alice Springs, saying our goodbye’s to my parents who went off in other directions while we headed for the Tanami track. Of course we did a few of the touristy things in Alice and stocked up with supplies. Great caravan park out there and some lovely walks to do around Alice Springs.

It’s not on video but the Tanami is where we found a large naked Troll doll on the side of the road. Middle of nowhere, just what you’d expect to find.
It’s bright orange hair caught our eye so we stopped and tied it to the back of our camper trailer as a mascot.
The kids called it Naked Nigel…..and he is still tied to the back of our trailer but looks VERY worse for wear these days. His hair faded….and once I even took him off and dyed his hair back orange, but of course it’s faded again and almost all fallen out now, lol!
So if you are ever out and see a naked troll doll with hardly any hair tied to the back of a camper trailer – you’ll know it’s us.

We stopped at Wolf Creek – seen the movie? Actually, for some reason it WAS pretty creepy out there. Don’t know what it was?
This is where we met up with a German couple – the only other people camped there at Wolf Creek. (You can see in one shot – the dead flat isolation of the place, with just two lone vehicles camped there.)
The lady was completely blind, but she had visited Australia previously and explored the outback when she was still sighted.
She still enjoyed visiting and touring round these remote places with her husband.
We were astounded at her zest for life, in fact we criss crossed paths quite a few times after that and she had NO trouble negotiating some of the walking tracks – even over river stones.

I admired her so much for her gutsiness.
I mean, imagine being totally blind – in the middle of NOWHERE…..what if something happened to her husband?
She told us that the worst/scariest thing was sometimes going into campground showers and having frogs jump on her shoulder.
Amazing lady, and even the kids were astounded by her ability and her fantastic attitude!
I did have some video footage of her letting the kids pretend to be blind and use her cane. I kick myself now for not including it in the documentary, but it was difficult to choose what to include as I didn’t want this to bore people by being too long.

Then we headed for the Bungle Bungles in Western Australia. (Our favourite place, and where we got to see the crocodiles – in the last episode.)

There is a shot where I’m filming my husband driving through this big patch of bull dust.
I was so focused on filming him that I didn’t notice, until the dust cleared, that there was a bloody great big BULL (I kid you not) standing not so very far away from me!
Having been chased by COWS in the outback before I nearly had a heart attack!
It was a matter of standing very still (Saying lots of swear words under my breath) and waiting patiently for my husband to turn around and come back for me.
If only there was someone outside of the family filming US….Oh the things we could capture on film!

Kids documentary Part 3 from Tracy Lundgren on Vimeo.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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10 Responses to Our family outback adventures (Part 3)

  1. OH the bouncy things – I only wet my pants if I dare to go on them. Loved the bird cracking the nut! It looks cold during the day? Wolf Creek loved the music you put with that and yes spooky it would be. Stunning scenery Trace thank you for sharing your adventures and await the final one 🙂

    • desertrose7 says:

      Hehe…I know about the bouncy problem. 🙂
      It was winter and it gets really freezing out there sometimes. We have only ever been to the outback once in warmer weather – spring, and it was nightmarishly hot and everything seemed to have sprouted painful prickles. Never again!
      Btw, the music is by myself and some of it by an online “band” I was in called Tribeworld Ensemble – founded by a good friend of mine called David Pendragon who is a producer. We made an album – a collection of songs from people living all over the world in a kind of internet collaboration.

  2. Kavita Joshi says:

    great blog you have here…nice to know u here dear..looking forward to read more of ur nice posts

  3. ksbeth says:

    and the great adventure continues – love the giant troll find

  4. Ralph says:

    Fantastic scenery !! Can’t wait for the next episode of your outback adventure 😀 xox

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