Rainbows, smiles and gallbladders.

It’s been a weird week.
On Monday morning my daughter screamed out to me “Mum, quick the dog’s got something in the backyard!”
Oh no! Not another bloody chicken, I thought….

Nope, this time it was a baby Rainbow Lorikeet.
We quickly managed to get the dog away (I literally threw him in the house by the scruff of his very wrinkly neck.) and together we got the BABY bird,(which appeared not to be able to fly yet) into a cage and took it into the house to assess it’s injuries.
All we could see was a torn claw.

I love these birds. They’re noisy, but so beautiful and often come down to feed from your hand in Aussie neighbourhoods.

We had to do our best to save him! I felt responsible, and besides I’m just a sucker for animals.
So we bought the proper food for him….slop basically.
Oh my are these birds MESSY!
Their poop, because they live on a diet mainly consisting of nectar and fruits, is like water. You practically need a shower curtain around the cage!
Feeding it was another story altogether. It wouldn’t take it off a spoon so we ended up having to find a syringe and literally shoot it down it’s mouth.
The way it ate, doing the baby bird “feed me” noises, and the way it let us put our hands into the cage so readily made us even more convinced that it indeed was only very young. Possibly the first venture out of the nest.

I put a heat lamp (Desk lamp…these things get really warm!) on it in case shock set in, but really the bird seemed extraordinarily calm after it’s ordeal.
What were we to DO with it though, was the question?

That night I didn’t want to leave the lamp on ALL night. I just don’t trust those desk lamps. They get TOO hot.
But as soon as I turned it OFF the bird immediately started SCREAMING!
I turned it on again, and it shut up.
Tried again….no…..more screaming.
I tried talking to it softly to reassure it, but no, the screaming continued until I turned the damn lamp back on.
Great! Now we have a bird that’s afraid of the dark!
It again begged the question – what were we to do with it, because I live with the electricity police.
He stalks around behind us all turning lights OFF….ALL THE TIME. Even when you’re still in the room!
Drives me nuts!
He wouldn’t like this situation at all (He was away at the time.)

So that night….in order to get some sleep, the bird won, and a light stayed on!
I had trouble sleeping though, worrying about what we were going to do with the bird.

Next morning my daughter took the cage outside on the front veranda.
Immediately he began calling out to the other birds, and within seconds, seriously it was that quick….two adult Rainbow Lorikeets flew down and sat on a wire close to the house and began calling to him.

Aww…..soooo sweet!
These were his parents,it was unmistakable! I don’t speak bird but I’m sure what they were saying was “Oh thank GOD….we’ve been waiting for you all day and all night! Thank goodness you’re ok!”
Such devotion! I’ve heard stories of adults coming down to actually feed their rescued babies who have broken wings to heal from. Amazing.

I knew my daughter was secretly hoping we could keep him. She’s bird mad. Destined to be a crazy bird lady, I’m sure, but even she knew…. he had to be free. It was the RIGHT thing to do.
“What if he can’t fly properly?” she said.
I worried too.
We had let him out of the cage inside a room, and contrary to what we first thought, it seemed he could fly.

“Open the cage.” I said.

Out he flew…for a minute our hearts sank as he seemed to dip towards the ground, but then suddenly he was up again, flying confidently through the air, past the old dead tree in the front yard, and closely behind him were his two parents shrieking loudly, and if I were to guess, extremely happily.

We watched the three of them fly away and it was such a beautiful moment.
A happy ending! I’m still smiling about it.

Then the other day I had another really special moment when my husband and I were able to make that same bird crazy daughter EXTREMELY happy.
An early birthday present. No, not of the feathered kind.
You see, she is 17, not like other teens. Her favourite musician is actually an Italian composer called Ludivico Einaudi.
Very beautiful, sometimes dramatic piano music.
I love him too.

Quite by chance, really quite uncanny really, my husband discovered that he is coming to Australia…..for the first time EVER in October.
So…he got her and I tickets at the Opera house!
She’s always said that “one day” she wanted to save enough money to travel to Europe just so she could see him play.
She literally screamed…then almost cried when we told her at the dinner table.
I should of filmed it because it was priceless.

I’m still smiling about THAT too.

What I’m NOT smiling about however is the fact that today I had what appears to be a gallbladder attack.
Oh the pain!
It woke me up first thing in the morning and NOTHING would take the pain away.
Finally I went to the doctor.
To cut a long story short I have to have some tests done and he sent me home with a prescription for some heavy duty painkillers and something else. Actually he wanted to give me an injection of something while I was there but I said NO! (I hate things that make you feel funny.) Besides, I was sure I’d find a way to manage the pain.
Of course, when I got home I googled some “natural” remedies.
Guess what came up!
Apple cider vinegar!
of course. I should have known this!
It helps digestion….gets the bile flowing.
So, I drank some mixed with pure apple juice…and also tried some chamomile tea with lemon juice.
Do you know…almost immediately the pain began to get better.
No word of a lie!  (Actually I DO lie. It was about thirty minutes.)
I still feel tender but I’m not in agony anymore.
Maybe it was coincidence? Maybe the attack decided to subside of it’s own accord anyway?
But maybe these sort of natural things really DO work as so many people testify?

In future I’ll be sure to reach first for THOSE, rather than go straight to the pharmaceuticals though. (It’s worth a try for your livers sake I reckon!)

Now, one last thing to end on…..since this was such an eclectic post.

This made me smile tonight.
Well ok, LAUGH.

I often “feel the joy” when I see something beautiful in nature….but this guy “feels the joy” to extremes that I haven’t yet experienced.

Listen to a man be brought to tears (and hysterical laughter) as he marvels, alone, at the beauty of a double rainbow.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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7 Responses to Rainbows, smiles and gallbladders.

  1. aww crap you once again have me in hysterics here…this is a good thing. I so chuckle – shower curtain and having to leave the lamp on. How cute that his/her mum and dad came to pick him up. How sweet are you for taking him under your wing..ok that was lame. Wonderful news about Mr. Piano Man how excited you both must be and a trip to Sydney! I am trying to type but I am listening to Oh my god it’s a double rainbow..and I can’t see the key board with tears in my eyes. High as a kite that one..the heaving breathing is a bit disconcerting though…sure he’s just looking at a rainbow? Glad the apple cider worked, let’s hope it’s not your gallbladder as they are PAINFUL!
    Thanks again for bringing a giggle to your virtual in Melbourne 😀 xx

    • desertrose7 says:

      You’re welcome. 🙂 Rainbow man made a follow up video explaining that he was NOT on drugs, was NOT having some kind of sexual experience….but to be honest during his explanation he did rather sound like he marched to the beat of his own unique drum.

  2. Ralph says:

    What a sweet thing to do. Rescue and release the baby bird back to mum & dad 😀
    Rainbow man is definitely on something. I think the wind chimes gives it away. 😉
    What a lovely gift for your daughter. Ralph xox 😀

  3. You just gotta love nature!

  4. I Am Jasmine Kyle says:

    GOOD MORNING BIRD RESCUER!!!! You have the GRANDEST ADVENTURES! I bet you are a fun neighbor! I had never heard of Ludivico Einaudi before but I googled him and he is MAGNIFICENT!! Your daughter has excellent taste!!!

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