Don’t rock the boat baby!

Cruise ship

Wow, I “think” for the first time in the eight days since I have returned from my cruise adventure that the earth has stopped rocking.
I don’t want to jinx myself, because I’ve had that feeling before and then the world starts lurching again….

I had a doctors appointment yesterday because a few days before I left on my holiday I started having pains in my thigh. Oh this doesn’t feel good I thought.Worst case scenario… Blood clot? ….or more likely (yeah I always envision the worst) yet just another one of those benign unexplained annoying pains that come and go?
So I rocked into the doctors, literally…..(I mentioned the post cruise vertigo thing as soon as I sat down)
He said usually only sailors who have been at sea for months come in complaining about it.

He made me remove my jeans, of course….for the leg thing…
Rather disconcerting having another male grope my thigh, but I was prepared….even shaved my legs for the occasion.
But what I wasn’t expecting was that he would tell me, after the jeans removal….to SQUAT, right there in his office.
How embarrassing…..squatting, in your undies, in front of a male. Knee’s cracking, thighs flabbing. (Couldn’t we have done this while I had my jeans ON?)
As if that wasn’t hard enough, when you’re suffering from vertigo, but then….he said…
“Now squat again….and walk.”
He demonstrated a mad duck waddle across the carpet.
What? Insane!
“I can’t do that….I will fall over.” I said.
So he held my hand….and MADE ME WADDLE.
Humiliation….in my undies!

“Did that hurt?”
Only my pride.
“Are you sure you’re not drunk?” he chuckled as I obviously had no balance at all.
Are you sure YOU’RE not….making me do all that?

More embarrassment followed with extensive leg lifts and manipulations all in my vulnerable unclad state, but as I kept saying….
“Nothing hurts, it’s deep inside, and today it’s not even hurting at all, it comes and goes.”
Anyway, so I have a referral for a doppler thingy in case the pain keeps coming back, but I think it’s all ok. He didn’t seem too concerned.

So….my cruise! Besides this unexpected land sickness as a souvenir, it was a very different and interesting experience and I’m really glad I went.
The motion of the rocking of the ship, and the fact that our cabin was WAY down at the very end of the ship where everything vibrated was so very lulling. At night our beds were like vibrating beds in kinky hotels. So very relaxing.
The food was amazing! I’ve never eaten so much in my life.
The service was fantastic. All the staff were SO helpful, cheerful and just lovely.
The islands were like paradise.
i always thought they photoshopped those travel brochures to get the intense turquoise of the sea.
No, they don’t! It IS that stunningly beautiful!
Here are a few shots I took.

This was what the sky looked like as we sailed out of Sydney harbour.
My God! Like something out of the movie “The perfect storm”

Dark sky ship

Sydney heads dark sky

Some shots of the water once we reached the islands.
I wanted to bottle it, it was SO gorgeous!


DSC_0128 sm

Sacred island small

Talking to the staff was most interesting as most of them are either from the Philippines, or India or from the actual islands we visited.
One new recruit who had joined the ship in Vila told us that he was 23, had never been off his island, never seen anything of the world and this was his first job on the ship. They have an eight month contract. After the fourth day he was already missing his family… so sweet.
He explained that he’d never ever seen an elevator, let alone got IN one and was “so scared” that he only got in if there were other people in it with him.
He’d never even seen automatic doors before.
He was so filled with enthusiasm and excitement for his new adventure at sea. It was charming and gave me pause to think of all the things in our modern world that we take for granted.

So, now it’s all back to reality….back to the normal hum drum of life.
Busy humdrum, what with loads of candle selling events coming up….Back to the stress of dealing with my daughters HSC trauma. (God I can’t wait for this to be over for her!)
Our 25 yr old daughter who moved back home for a while is now getting ready to leave again… go far far away, again. I’m so sad, but it’s a great opportunity and she needs to do it!
My other daughter, with the baby, is getting excited making plans to move out with her own little family from her boyfriends parents place. Feathering the nest before she’s even GOT the nest (smile) but it’s lovely to see things fall into place for them as well.
Can’t wait to be invited over for dinner eventually (hint hint….I’d like sticky date pudding for dessert!)

Luckily, and most excitingly, we have a huge overseas trip planned for November. I won’t say where just yet.
It’s been an incredible year for travel for me. First the Philippines, my cruise, and now this…..

It’s a good thing!
Life is short, you must take a bite out of this succulent, amazing incredible world and relish it.
Experiences are what living is all about.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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4 Responses to Don’t rock the boat baby!

  1. Welcome back! Tell me New Caledonia? Isle of Pines? Haven’t been on a cruise, funny one of those things that I have no interest, though anyone who does partake has an awesome experience. You poor thing – in your undies asking to do humiliating acts – so pleased you shaved your..legs though.
    Now you waddle back into the hum drum as you say – but ah sweet memories of your trip and your life never sounds dull! 😀

    • desertrose7 says:

      Hi, and thanks! I would say it is worth doing a cruise at least once in your life. I don’t think it’s something I’d be dying to do again…..took three days to reach the first island, a bit long for me to be honest, but overall it was a really pleasant experience. Those photo’s were taken at the Isle of Pines – an exceptionally beautiful place! My biggest regret is that we didn’t take advantage of the tours, and that you only get a day on each island. Not enough time to explore the true magic that you just KNOW is there.

  2. I recall my national colleagues in Papua New Guinea speaking of getting in lifts for the first time when I worked up there… Hey, glad yo like the cruise, maybe a new song on the way?

    And, um hope you poked the doc in the eyes on the way it… 🙂

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