Off to have a whale of a time!


Today is the day before I embark on my sea faring adventure on my first ever cruise!
A nerve in my right knee is HIGHLY excited.
In fact since last night it has been doing a frenzied happy dance under my skin, right there next to my knee cap.
At least I think that is what it is doing. I can’t be sure.
Perhaps it’s just having neurotic seizures?
Don’t cha just hate that feeling?
Why do nerves DO that? Is my brain telling it to do that or is it like some lone rebel with a cause, one singular nerve that just decides to declare mutiny?

Be still little dancing nerve. It’s ok, I will look after you. Just don’t migrate to my eye for I do not wish to look like a winking maniac when I board the ship.

So, I’ve packed WAY too much…..of course!
I’ve read just about every cruise review for this particular cruise.
Interesting reading I must say.
The general consensus is that alcohol prices are way too expensive, some of the comedy shows are way too bawdy, but that generally the staff are exceptional and the Isle of Pines is simply beautiful!
I plan to do some filming while we are away so spectacular turquoise waters are something I am excited about.

My girlfriend is right into snorkeling and all that kind of thing, a real water person.
Me? Well, let’s just say it goes against all the rules of being human to stick your head in the water and BREATHE. But I’ll give it another go….maybe, all snorkelled up of course.
I really just prefer to sit and watch the magnificence of the ocean. Listen to the calming rhythmic whispers of the tides.

Oh this is SO different from anything I’ve ever done.
Usually our trips are intensely busy…LOADS of long drives, hard work setting up and pulling down camp. One nighters, get up and go, drive for hours, see as much as possible! FLIES! HEAT! DUST!
Gosh, to not have to actually “work”….no cooking, no cleaning….just lay back and sip on a cocktail, complete with little umbrella in my glass and soak up the sun?
Perhaps I will feel as though I’ve died and gone to heaven.

Of course, I could get really bored.
I won’t have my laptop to be able to write! I’ve packed a notepad and pens though.
I’m positive there will be plenty of people watching to do, which I love, being the curious/nosy person I am.

What if I can’t sleep?
There are no couches to migrate to.
What if my friend snores? Her husband says she does.
I’ve packed ear plugs.
What if I feel claustrophobic?

No, no, no…..No more “what ifs”.
Years ago a “psychic” told me that in my previous life when I was seven years old, I was on a Dutch ship, and I drowned. Fell overboard….or the ship sank. I don’t know, but apparently this, according to him, explains my lifelong fear of water. Hmmm.

It’s not so much a FEAR, just a healthy respect really for its endless, vast depth and width, and all that dwells within it.
Ok, well, so maybe a tiny bit of fear.

Hey, today on the news here apparently a surfer at Bondi beach (where I spent my teenage years growing up) got knocked unconscious by a curious whale!
What a thing.
It’s that time of the year when whales are doing their migrating thing apparently.
Wouldn’t it be SO cool if we saw some whales!
Not too close though….

I just know I will be sitting there looking out at all that water wondering just exactly what is beneath the surface of what we will be floating upon.
Imagine if you could see it ALL as you sail? All the whales, sharks, giant squid, nemo’s, sea turtles, weird fish with lights on their heads that live in the darkest depths….the sea gardens….the colours….the WONDER of all that lives in an entirely different world!
Dead people.
I wonder how many skeletons nestled in the sand being pecked at by fish (pecked, ha!) there are at the bottom of the ocean?
Do you ever think of that? As you bathe in the ocean? That you are wallowing in the watery graves of so many people who once existed, once dreamed, once loved and laughed and cried. On your skin….
See, now, there’s my dark mind at work.

So anyway…. let’s not think of all the dead people in the sea will we?
Think of those cocktails with umbrellas and wiggling toes in the sun, and loads and loads of delicious FOOD (Oh Lord I will be doing some eating!) and beautiful bays and exotic dark skinned people….and more than likely, loads of laughs!

Obviously I will have a lot of catching up to do reading blogs when I get back!
Stay safe everyone…..Be creative!
Be well.

I’ll leave you with a song I wrote years ago called “Big blue ocean”.
I plan to re record the song and hopefully re do the video also. Maybe I’ll get some better footage on this trip! (The scenes were filmed off the southern coast line of Western Australia.)

Big blue ocean from Tracy Lundgren on Vimeo.

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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15 Responses to Off to have a whale of a time!

  1. utesmile says:

    Have a great time! A cruise is also my dream!

  2. Miriam E. says:

    Have a wonderful trip, Tracy!

  3. Please relax and enjoy and have a marvellous time, I am sure you will. Do NOT think of dead people in the ocean ( at least unlike at home) they aren’t “walking around like regular people”, I wanted to catch you before I go, so quickly read the post. I will read tonight thoroughly – hope you have a fantastic time with many tales to tell on your return. x

  4. Right urgent advice from a slightly crazy person from across the pond. I hear what you are saying about snorkelling, but as one who, by amazing chance and circumstance, once got to snorkel in the Virgin Islands and look at all the amazing coral and fish beneath him, do not let the moment pass. To someone who is creative and expressive like you, it will be a fantastic experience. I am full of envy and other unimpressive emotions but I hope you have a really fantastic time

    • desertrose7 says:

      Thank you 🙂 and I promise I will have another attempt at snorkeling, lol! One day I’d like to see the great barrier reef, so I suppose I should try harder to get my head underwater.

  5. Ralph says:

    I just loved your video song. Brilliant !! And THEN I watched you torturing Shai with the egg !!! So funny. I would disappear to a restaurant in the outback after that !! Hehe. Ralph xox 😀

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