Two songs…a world apart.

Recently I went through this brief manic stage. A couple of songs sprang forth from my temperamental muse.

One was very loosely based on all the recent ghostly experiences that were occurring on a regular basis, but with a twist to make it seem as though I could be referring to a lover who just won’t “leave me alone”.
The mix may not be so crash hot because my monitors are playing up…
There is a very distinct familiar melody that lovers of horror movies “should” pick up on in it. I couldn’t resist putting it in.
Miriam, if you happen to be reading, this is the song I snuck in “into the fray”.
I need to re record the vocals though as everyone thought I was singing “excercise” not “exorcise”.

And in a lighter, more cynical moment I wrote a song about facebook.
Oh the joys of social media and how it “brings us all together” 😉
Just a quick roughly thrown together little tune.

Hope you’re all having a great weekend!
I’m busy packing for my cruise on TUESDAY. Yikes, I’m getting more and more excitably nervous! 🙂

About Tracy Lundgren

I am a people watcher,life observer, nature lover, spiritual seeker loving this crazy wild ride that life is taking me on. I am still a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled and that is good.
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9 Responses to Two songs…a world apart.

  1. You have such a beautiful clarity to your voice Tracy. I really loved the melody of the first one, and I smiled at your Facebook song – especially the toilet rolls.

  2. Miriam E. says:

    oooh there it is!! loved the first one… smiled at the second one 😀 *as grumpy cat shits on my dreams* heh.

  3. utesmile says:

    Lovely , I do like your voice! Enjoyed the songs!

  4. Blast. I left a great big reply to this and now I’ve lost it. Groan. Anyway, in brief I loved the first song. I used to be in the record business straight after Uni, so came across lots of singers/songwriters. You would have grabbed my attention. Lovely voice etc. Loads more praise available on request

  5. Ralph says:

    Love both songs. Fantastic !! 😀

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